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    • GeorgieMoon

      anyone got a "decent" 17 silverado model? im bored and i think they are pretty
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      So, due to an exam not going well, I no longer have access to my laptop. Or steam or games or any and all gta iv files. Soo at best I can get my stuff back at the end of September...
      Ill have nothing to do but study for my next exam and the rewrite in september. 
      Appologies to all.
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      Having an internet issue at the moment, but I have two more LPP vehicles completed. Additional information will become available after testing has completed.
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    • Westie

      Police attached to Los Santos LAC  have attended a Motor Vehicle Accident on Mt Haan Drive, Galileo Park. The two vehicles involved were travelling in the opposite directions and collided 'head on' after coming around a bend. Both drivers were seriously injured, resulting in one man being transported to ambulance by Care Flight and another by road.  

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    • IronicRainbow

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