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    All things LSPDFR
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  4. GTA 5

    Random pic of Cars and other stuff
  5. Yesterday
  6. Looks better with the Alloy's in my Opinion

    What lightbar is that?
  7. Version 1.0.0


    More Livery's to come
  8. Last week
  9. Killing them everytime

    The car I think every cop wants to drive at least on one patrol!
  10. Theme

    Don't do it to them Dawkins!!!!!!!!!! Nah, forget it. Just go on and do it!!!!!!
  11. My Sheriff Pack

    wonder when this will be released??
  12. OKCPD CVPI Skin Pack

    Version V1

    1 download

    For my first release I'm giving out my new OKCPD Livery's for the Hurks CVPI!!!!!!!!!! This Pack has the Old and New Livery's and the K-9 and Supervisor Decals Hope you all enjoy PS I'm working on a OKCPD K-9 Cvpi to release in a week or two so stay Tuned
  13. 3206's unit and K-9 Hacker

    Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!! It means a lot to hear that
  14. that 2014 Ford F350 Superduty Towtruck is very nice and ill love to tow with it good job 


  15. 3206's unit and K-9 Hacker

    now this is my favorite tahoe you made i watch your video you did also..I wish you nothing but the best
  16. you Shall not Pass

    Looks Good
  17. MY W.I.P

  18. 3206 new 2013 Slicktop K-9 Tahoe

  19. 3206 new 2013 Slicktop K-9 Tahoe

    whats new about this tahoe
  20. Live PD Richland Theme

    I like this!
  21. K-9 Transport 2015 Chevy Suburban

    Suburban? K9 getting a mobile home
  22. Earlier
  23. One call after the other.........

    Are any of these released?
  24. Los Santos County Sheriff Pack

    Hey @JJDawkins30.. love the recent updates. Seriously, nice work. I was wondering if you could make a version of the slicktop Impala without siderunners, possibly add a rambar to the FPIS, and maybe take the thick bottom wrap around rambar off the marked and slicktop FPIU? I know it’s a lot, but I would really appreciate it.. and I’m sure others would like to see these features as well.
  25. A matching Tahoe...

    patiently waiting for this pack !!! really wanting that Tahoe .
  26. Los Santos County Sheriff Pack

    What an awesome pack, as you know im pretty picky. Great job! 👮
  27. As of now, all of my current projects have been terminated as well as all of my development stuff that has been uploaded will also be taken down. This decision was not easy and im sorry for the inconvenience.

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    2. Bueno


      I enjoy making parts for people to use, i don't enjoy people taking credit for them. I will still continue to make parts for people who ask as long as its reasonable. Except for @JJDawkins30

    3. Sgt. Kekkles

      Sgt. Kekkles

      this nigga just gonna let them win smh

    4. Tactical Potato

      Tactical Potato

      Thank God I got all the stuff you released on  a Flash Drive Farewell 

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