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  3. like this status if you think bueno cannot mod

  4. Last week
  5. oohhhh yes! that looks beautiful
  6. From the album GTA 5 LSPDFR

  7. terrible
  8. 0/10 can't recommend!
  9. Ohh, that is gorgeous! Definitely a want!
  10. damn i can't wait
  11. o my heart can't take all this goodness
  12. o damn them for ME...
  13. From the album Random Stuff

    The "3D" version of my generic light pack. Will release if anyone wants it. All interior modules are full 3d as well.
  14. From the album Random Stuff

    A updated version of my hubcap, not yet released.
  15. From the album Random Stuff

    Laptop Stand I done for AllAboutK9 ages ago. Will release if anyone wants it.
  16. hey guys anyone want to join my EPIC modding groupB)

    1. ßueno


      Is there even such a thing?

    2. TGM


      Well of course because i made it

  17. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This is based completely off of the real counterpart. Vehicle 113. A few lights have been added and the rear of the tahoe is completely fictional as I couldn't find sufficient information on the setup. The front is basically spot on, minus the vertex's. I should probably say it's 'loosely' based on the counterpart, but oh well. Features : Wobbly antenna <3 Working Predators - Extra 11 Working spotlights - Highbeams Traffic Advisor is a TA + Red/Blue Sexy. I will probably add another variant to this that is more based off of the real thing, but for now this is what I want to release. If enough people want it, I'll release the ACSO pack. I don't have much else to fix / update with them. Off to the next. Video of this bad boy in action:
  18. Grand Theft Auto V now has it's recent reviews being Overwhelmingly Negative and it's overall rating is now down to Mixed.


    Take2, you done fucked up.

  19. DAMN I love that blue.
  20. good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Earlier
  22. OpenIV's recent status shift is well known, however this topic is unrelated to OpenIV. You're welcome to start a thread if you wish to discuss the matter.
  23. It's the truth, yet no one believes me so they gave me bad rep. R.I.P @MrOxPlay The skins looks very basic to do, however I guess you already be doing the skin yourself??
  24. Please keep comments on topic.
  25. This has been a crazy day for a lot of people.

  26. F*ck you take two

  27. Sucks now, OPenIV is ban from TakeTwo
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