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  3. Well Damn

    Absolutely Beautiful!!
  4. MY W.I.P

  5. 2010 Burnaby RCMP Slicktop CVP

    can somebody then you have this car send me it? because it was on LCPDMods the site was taken down -.- Really need this car for my pack
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Hello people of LSPDFR! This is my Daytona Beach texture for a 16 Impala my BradM! I'm planning on adding more vehicles in the future if you want to see any more please let me know! I worked really hard on this and If you feel like it leave a comment/review so I can know what to improve on! Other Information: These Textures fit on this vehicle: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/16583-els-bcso-vehicle-pack/ It may work on other 16 Impala models I've only tested it on this one though! Any Issues Please Let me Know!! Thanks for downloading!
  7. Last week

    All things LSPDFR
  9. Silverado.... Redux

    Man she is sexy as hell xD.....
  10. GTA V WIPs

    My GTA V WIPs
  11. (DEV) SoundOff nFORCE Interior Package

    Great job! This thing is awesome!
  12. Converting A special Vehicle

    Does anybody mind helping me convert a vehicle to gta v,if so i'll send you details etc on it...
  13. Whelen Liberty Lightbar

    Can someone please be willing to make a whelen liberty lightbar for the public to use....
  14. VineWood PD has some new vehicles.....

  15. VineWood PD has some new vehicles.....

    what 09 base?
  16. Earlier
  17. VineWood PD has some new vehicles.....

    Nice man!! I like it!
  18. ALLENjr12's Gallery

    Screenshots etc...
  19. 1994-96 Hyundai Accent

    where can I dowload?
  20. ALLENjr12's-[WIP]

  21. *Converting vehicles to GTA V*

    Send me a pm with what you have. Ill take a look and let you know what i can do
  22. ALLENjr12's-[WIP]

  23. ALLENjr12's-[WIP]

    Cars That I am currently working on you can find them here ..........
  24. The gta 5 mods lspd mini pack

    These mods are not available for PS3. These mods are for PC only. What JJ was saying was it's not yet possible, at least to our knowledge. You will need a few things to get started: 1. A legit version of GTA:V for PC. 2. Scripthook V. 3. OpenIV. This will allow you to replace/upload your mods to the GTA:V Files. Here is a small tutorial on the basics. Found here
  25. The gta 5 mods lspd mini pack

    okay first what you need to do is get a super big usb card something that can hold like gta V then you would have to get the scripts for it and last but not least you would need to code the whole thing for ps3. I hope that helps you out and if you get that to work you will be the first to do so... Good Luck Buddy
  26. *Converting vehicles to GTA V*

    Here are the formats they are currently in..... -Ford f450 super duty----->LWO file -chevrolet avalanche------>3ds max file -international ambulance----->LWO file -ford expedition----->3ds file -ford escape----->3ds file -ford escape hybird----->MTL file and OBJ file and JP2 file -gmc sierra----->LWO file and LWS file -Ford f-150----->OBJ and 3ds
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