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  5. 2018 Tahoe SSV.

    The will be the release of the year !!!! #patientlywaiting!!!
  6. 2018 Tahoe SSV.

  7. 2018 Tahoe SSV.

    My God, this is insanely nice amazing work.
  8. MY W.I.P

    All current projects I am working on..
  9. GTA V

  10. GeorgieMoon's endless amount of projects.

    Dash cluster is finished & i'm happy with the results I've been getting. More updates soon & a video like I promised.
  11. Patrol Pics

    Pics taken while on patrol all over the state of San Andreas
  12. GTA 5 LSPDFR

    All things LSPDFR
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Here goes another GMC exclusive release from TheRecluseGamer. This baby is equipped with a Green/Amber lightbar, center console w/ toughbook and MPH900 ALPRs. This is the ultimate "Rent-A-Cop" ride. The ELS on this particular vehicle was configured for security purposes only. That means the you can activate the entire lightbar and built-in traffic adviser without entering light stage 3. To activate the lightbar simply press the "L" key or whatever key you have set to activate the WRN lights, and to activate the built-in traffic advisor simply press the "K" key or whatever key you set to activate the SEC lights. On light stage 3 only take downs will activate, you can change the patterns as you wish using the ELS console. Thats pretty much it guys, there are 2 skins that can be used both seen in the screenshots. Hope you guys enjoy it, on to the next one. Modeled by TheRecluseGamer ELS Conversion by TheRecluseGamer Skins by TheRecluseGamer ~Other Credits~ - Original Author - Humster3D - Ported to GTAIV - BriishGamer88 - Ported to GTAV - BritishGamer88 - Poly's Lowered - Tim - New Material's/Texture's - BritishGamer88 - Wheel's - ObsidianGames(Mathew Cammack) - Plates - Rockstar Games - Modelled Boot Area - BritishGamer88 - Modelled Bonnet Area - BritishGamer88 - Interior - Unknow Author/Rockstar Games - Door Interior - Rockstar Games/BritishGamer88 - Lightbar - TheRecluseGamer - MPH900 ALPR - tomcat - Center Console - 0taku - DO NOT REDISTRIBUTED THIS MODIFICATION ON ANY OTHER SITE- - THIS MODIFICATION WAS MADE FOR GMC MEMBERS AND VISTORS ONLY. - YOU ARE ALLOWED TO USE THIS VEHICLE ON FIVEM SERVERS JUST LET ME KNOW SO I CAN SEE IT IN ACTION, THANKS.
  14. Thanks to everyone who supported me to get to 200 Community Reputation! If you haven't noticed I spend a lot of time on this forum and post almost daily lol since I joined this awesome community back in February. I have some GMC exclusive releases planned for today and I hope all of you enjoy them. That is the end of my sob story, "Now Go! I Need To Meditate. Or Masturbate. Or Both."

  15. Pierce Arrow Engine

    Shit yeah man!!!! Thanks!!
  16. Yeah, definitely loving the new paint schemes lol 


  17. zmodeler3 id question

    hello gta mod center community, im writing today because ive created my first model through blender. so ive ported it to zmodeler 3 but the only issue is im confused about how to add lights to my vehicle, i could finish it at anyday but i need to know how you would add steady burn emergency light to a non els vehicle also id like to know how you add extra lights like the https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/vapid-steed-ambulance-add-on-liveries-template above the emergency lights . keep in mind i will do everything myself so id like to have a few questions answered if you can so thank you! ps. ive asked on other forums but i got no response so i politely ask for your help l
  18. Earlier
  19. Just a little low poly vista action...another one added to the pack.

    I really like that old school Vista Strobe light bar, any idea of a release for this amazing pack? Also, please keep up the amazing work.
  20. MY W.I.P Packs

  21. I love their new paint scheme. 


    1. Radeon911


      I saw it in real life bud haha


  22. Pierce Arrow Engine

    Version 1.0.0


    Pierce Arrow Engine Finally its here.First,i want to thank 0taku for that amazing base model.Also harrison90 for that super sexy Engine 63 skin.Without them this wouldnt be possible.Go check them out .The model is how its supposted to be.There are some flicker bugs on the lightbar.Im unable to fix this but its nothing huge.Other than that i didnt found any bugs.But if you found some hit me up with a message.More to come!!! INSTALLATION: Models:Mods - Update - x64 - DlcPacks - Patchday (Most recent in your game) - dlc.rpf - x64 - levels - gta5 - vehicles.rpf (Replace/Drag and drop) VCFs:Grand Theft Auto V Directory - ELS - pack_default (Replace/Drag and drop FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Q: Why r ur lights so shiny pls help A: I use RadianceV to make my lights bright, you will need something like this or another mod like it to make your lights as bright as mine. Q: Can you please make an ELS pack for my own personal town? A: Not even a little sorry bb Q: X isn't working why? A: You may be doing something wrong, or I may have fucked something up. If you do find a bug or have a question please comment with a screenshot or video to give me a better idea of what is wrong and I will get back to you. Q: My lightbar and windows are tinted I try to fix those but sometimes it still happens. Go into vehicles.metafind the line that says diffusetint for the model and find the diffusetint value and replace the value with this<diffuseTint value="0x00FFFFFF" /> Please do not redistribute this pack, or any part of it including the liveries, or models, or screenshots, or use them in clans or public/private servers. Please do not upload this file or a part of it to any other site unless given explicit credit. Thanks for downloading Please report the bugs in the comments before posting a review about them, it may be a misunderstanding or just an easy fix. Enjoy!
  23. Unmarked Ford crown Victoria V3

    Version 3.0


    in this model of the Crown Vic i add alot of new light including surfacemounts and other lighting that i put on there for my labour day surprise but this a late gift because i took extra time to be sure it was going to be good.
  24. 07' - 14' Tahoe Special Service Vehicle Rim

    These Look really nice. I'd love to see some '15 tahoe SSV rims by you too!
  25. 07' - 14' Tahoe Special Service Vehicle Rim

    Well thanks man! I'll be sure to use this in an upcoming release <3
  26. GTA V WIPs

    My GTA V WIPs
  27. 07' - 14' Tahoe Special Service Vehicle Rim

    Thanks Unknown , I'm a huge fan of your work.
  28. 07' - 14' Tahoe Special Service Vehicle Rim

    Amazing work
  29. Unrecognizable.

    Awesome !
  30. Unrecognizable.

    Okay honestly i can not wait for this!
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