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  3. Going to be the bearer of bad news bears. My old laptop with all my files met its untimely demise today. All files I had for my previous work, including some unreleased projects has been lost... Sooo whats GTA V modding like?


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      oooh kay good to know. Guess i'll just do skins.

    3. GeorgieMoon


      It's worth a try at least, I don't want to discourage you.

    4. Xandiar


      You cannot try to recover in a computer specialist? Maybe some files could be recovered.

  4. ALLENjr12's Gallery

    Screenshots etc...
  5. Los Santos MEGA Pack+ADDON DLC

    i cant locate the unmarked explorer what pack is it in?
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  8. Rear

  9. Los Santos MEGA Pack+ADDON DLC

    Hey man I love the work on this pack the lights on these cars are great. I was wondering if you could do a state trooper pack?
  10. Version 1.0.0


  11. BCSO Pack [RX2700]

    Excellent pack, great work.
  12. Working the streets

  13. K9 Door Cover (13Tahoe)

    Version 1.0.0


    Decided to do a K9 Door Cover for a 13 Tahoe.It is basically my first scratch modeled part in zmod.Its not perfect or that amazing but i think it gets the job done.Maybe you can use it.Enjoy.Merry X-Mas and a Happy new Year.Poly Count is for both door sides around 1.4k.If you are the author of the texture pls message me so i can give you credits.I couldnt find the real author of it. Feel free to Convert it to any other game if you want. Do not upload it somewhere else without my permissions
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  15. fd

  16. GTA 5 LSPDFR

    All things LSPDFR
  17. Frankenstein

  18. Frankenstein

    I like the design,nice work
  19. Trunk Cabinet With Props

    Version 1.0.0


    Hey made this in 3ds max to use in my vehicles figured other people might wanna have a play might not be perfect. I am just trying to give something back to the community. This was made using a 2015 Tahoe for a template so if you merge it in a 15 tahoe it should be perfectly scaled and placed in the trunk, it can be used for a 13 tahoe or explorer whatever you like but you might have to play with it a bit in Vertex mode. Also there is two weapon holders one for shotgun and one for an AR if you want to add a bit more detail to it yourself. Please use this for credits without changing it you can make any edits you like on the models/textures but please keep the credits intact! CREDITS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUV Trunk Cabinet with props: - Trunk Cabinet 3d creation by panos_zaf using 3ds max student edition - UV mapped and converted to GTA V by panos_zaf, texture by panos_zaf - Fire extighuiser by Rockstar, textures by Rockstar - Armour by Rockstar, textures by Rockstar - Clipboard by Rockstar, textures by Rockstar - Cones by Rockstar, textures by Rockstar ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMERS: - DO NOT REUPLOAD ANYWHERE UNLOCKED YOU CAN USE THIS AS LONG AS THE MODEL IS LOCKED! - I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU SOMEHOW BREAK YOUR GAME AND OR ZMOD! - DONT ASK FOR HELP IF YOU HAVE A CRACK OF ZMODELER. BUY IT! - THIS IS A DEV RESOURCE THERE IS NO INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS!
  20. GTA V

    Screenshots from GTA V.
  21. Snow White.

    Fantastic work, it looks incredible. Will this be released to the public anytime soon?
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