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  • Unmarked 2009 Dodge Charger By Five0

    Unmarked 2009 Dodge Charger   This is meant to be a detectives/federal agency unit. Because of that, it has minimal equipment. The spotlights and partition are extras, respectively.   If you find any bugs or problems dont leave it in a review, let me know in the comments. Screenshots by @Problematic and @steinberg4145.   Template is included in the download.   Install instructions: Put the model files into the latest vehicles patchday
    mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday14ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\   If using RDE put them in the rde vehicles.rpf
    move the xml files into Grand Theft Auto V\ELS\pack_default   Credits   2009 Dodge Charger
    Lt. Caine 
    BxBugs ~~~~~~~~~~ Whelen Spitfire scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
    Whelen Slimlighter scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
    Fedsig Solaris ils scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
    Setina partition scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
    Antennas scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
    Motorolla xtl-5000 scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
    Motorolla mic scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
    Fedsig SmartSiren controller scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
    Havis console scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
    Whelen par46 spotlights by EVI
  • [ELS] 2011 California Highway Patrol CVPI By lildunkboi

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    - NAME: 2011 California Highway Patrol CVPI
    - VERSION: V1.0
    !!!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!
    I present you with my third official GTA V vehicle mod! it took me approx about 1-2 Days to piece together the model in its 
    enirety, I would greatly appreciate it if you leave feedback!
    =============== Installation ===============
    To install the vehcile all you have to do is navigate to the latest patch day
    you have in your MODS folder, and place it in the vehicles.rpf there.
    For me it would be:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday9ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\
    To install the ELS VCF file, navigate to:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\ELS\pack_default
    and drag and drop it here
    To install the vehicle.meta file, navigate to:
    =============== NOTES =============== 
    =============== CREDITS =============== 
    -Model is Ford Crown Victoria from Driver SF, converted to GTA IV by F5544, modified by KevinDV, Cj24, & OfficerUnderwood
    • Wheels from NFS:MW and converted by trewq34, Textures by GreenAid
    • Interior Parts by Ubisoft, modified by OfficerUnderwood
    • Door Handles by Lundy
    Other Parts: 
    - Whelen Liberty by EVI
    - Generic Lights by Bueno
    - Federal Signal TS-100N by CJ24
    - Setina Bodygaurd Partition by CJ24
    - Unity Spotlights by CJ24
    - CHP Push Bar by Shmurda
    - DigitalAlly Dash Camera System by Carper/Fartknockr, Textures by Carper
    - Rockwell Collins MDT System by Bxbuggs123
    - Stalker Radar by Carper/Fartknockr
    - Antennas by PriMan
    - Windows446 for CHP Skin
    - TheHurk for credits template
    - Basedgod for for lifting the curse
    - spongebob for all the childhood memories
    - Fresh prince for moving to bel air when his mom got scared
    -You are not to attempt to modify or rip this model in any way shape or form.
    -I (Lildunkboi) am not resposible for any damages done to your game. Please make a backup of any edited files!
    -Do not attempt to make a profit off this model in any way shape or form.
    -Do not upload this file to any other site, claiming it as your own. 
    -Do not re-upload this file, PLEASE MAKE A LINK TO IT.
    -If you want to use this file in a clan, PLEASE ask me before doing so. 
  • S.A.P (O.P.P THEME) PACK By JJDawkins30

    S.A.P (O.P.P THEME) PACK     
    THIS PACK WOULDN'T BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT THESE SKINS BEGIN MADE BY HARRISON90 HARRISON90--THANK YOU BUDDY FOR LETTING ME USE YOU AWESOME-- Highly recommand using his other skin as well....HERE'S A LINK TO ALL OF HIS WORK http://www.lcpdfr.com/profile/240084-harrison90/content/?type=downloads_file -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                         MODELS CREDITS  2011 CVPI thehurks CREDITS
    - 2011 Forza CVPI Base Extracted by DMN
    - Optimized, Converted, Textured and stuff by Thehurk
    - Realisim Edits and more optimization by Lundy
    - Major support with screenshots, feedback, IRL pictures, etc by Steinberg, Lundy, Problematic, and Taylor Swift 
    - Steelies and tires by Carper
    - Hubcaps and tires by Carper 2013 FPIU
    2013 Ford Police Interceptor Utility-Jason/Voodoo 
    - 2012 Ford Explorer model from EA GAMES/NFS, 
    -Converted to a 2013 Ford Police Interceptor by JasonCT203, 
    -Converted to GTA IV by JasonCT203 and to GTA V by JasonCT203 
    - 2013-Current Ford Police Interceptor Wheel modeled by VooDoo, 
    -Centercap by Jasonct203 converted to GTA V by JasonCT203 
    - Hubcaps and tires by Carper
    2013 Marked Chevy Tahoe underwoods 2007 Tahoe by Unknown (Can't remember)
    Modifed into 2013 and converted to GTA V by OfficerUnderwood
    Certain parts by Orex429/Shady
    Interior parts by Ubisoft, edited by OfficerUnderwood
    Wheels by GTAxBOSS
    2015 Chevy Tahoe Model Credits 
    -Orignal suburban Scratch modeled by Shadydk311 
    -Converted and edited to V by BritishGamer88
    -Converted to Tahoe by Thehurk & Allaboutk9
    -MAJOR edits by Thehurk 
    -Convert to PPV By Thehurk
    -Rims purchased by Him1250
    -Normals and wireframe fixed by Thehurk
    -Textured by Thehurk
    2015 FPIS underwoods 2010 Ford Taurus SHO by Turn 10 Studios, modified into 2016 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor by OfficerUnderwood
    Rear bumper, headlamps, & dash by be fast, modified by OfficerUnderwood & Carper
    Front bumper by Ridgerunner, Grill by Vertex3D, modified by OfficerUnderwood
    Chassis parts by Ubisoft, Reverse lights by OfficerUnderwood
    Rims by BxBugs123, Centercap by Carper
    2016 Dodge Charger thehurks Model Credits
    - Base model extracted by DMN from Forza Horizon 2
    - Converted and textures by Thehurk
    - Converted to PPV By Thehurk
    - AWD Rims scratch modeled and converted By RoegonTV
    - AWD Logo by IronicRainbow -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  
  • 2013 Dodge Charger Pursuit "Los Santos County Police Department, NY" By Sgt. Kekkles

    2013 Dodge Charger Pursuit Los Santos County Police Department, NY   For your enjoyment. Template is included for skin customizations. Modeled with coronas. Color changes are NOT possible. Do not ask.   Skin is based off Westchester County, NY Police Department. Vehicle itself is fictional, so do what you will. This will be my last mod for a while.   This vehicle is not optimized for Police4, FBI2, Sheriff2, or other unmarked slots. Do not install it there. Just don't.   Vehicle uses SIRENSETTING 1. Installation into a slot not using this setting WILL result in broken lights. Don't do it.

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