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Script Modifications

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Place Script Modifications Here

3 files

  1. GTA IV Evil Mods

    Files include:

    - EvilMod Delightful Doom Free4All
    - GTAIV Name Changer
    - MODMYGTAcom_ModnaTrainer
    - MODMYGTAcom_TrollMod11Remake

    Additional  information is included within the download.






  2. Advanced Dispatch Management System

    Current Stable Version: Version
    Current BETA Version: Version
    This version adds GPS targeting of friendly units. This is a OPEN BETA and you are my testers, the chances are that I majorly broke the system, please let me know if there are any issues using any of the methods explained in the Readme.txt file included with the download.
    V0.1.4.4 is still a selectable option if you are having problems with the latest version until I am able to resolve the issues.
    ADMS is a improved version of DAS. ADMS offers the user the ability to customize their own callsign prefix's and also works for The Medic and Firefighter slots.
    The future will bring many more features.
    As of I have added support for the GPS script allowing you to send your unit type to the GPS script allowing you to show up on the map without an extra SQL upload via this script.
    As always please do not ask for support in the comments, I am not guaranteed to check them, instead I ask you to visit http://www.torontovirtual.net/forum/ and post your support questions there.
    Please read the ReadMe first as it contains a lot of important information such as instructions on how to install.
    I would like to thank Abraxas for helping me with this script, without him it might have taken me longer to look under my nose, thanks buddy.




  3. Updated WeaponInfo.xml

    this small update moved the taser to it's own slot allowing you to carry both the taser and a pistol at the same time.




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