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  • Rules for Uploading to the Downloads section

    1. Please ensure you have a proper screenshots and if you wish, proper instructions with your mod. 
    2. You MUST ensure that if you are uploading someone ELSE's mod, that you have proper permission in place from that mod's author (ENB's, VISUAL MODS, ETC)
    3. Please ensure proper credits are given in the description of the file. Please format them into other information about the file. This makes it easier for authors to know that credits are properly given.
    4. You may choose to incorporate videos in your uploads as well.
    5. If you wish to have a mod hidden for any reason, please ask an admin or community staff member to remove it for you (PM is best)
    6. Be polite when commenting on others work. Remember, criticism will be given, so please expect good and bad criticism. 
    7. We encourage you to upload .RAR files, Please.
    8. We welcome your files regardless of the size! But please don't clutter our downloads section. Thank you for being patient and uploading your work here to GMC!

Developer Tools

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A section for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Developer Tools

No files in this category yet.

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