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Bohan Regional Police Service - Mega Pack
- Vehicle by DSF ripped by DMN, Converted by F5544 edited and re-templated by GeorgieMoon with further edits by BRAVO 9 ACTUAL with parts
  by CJ24, Seats by Schaefft re-textured and merged by GeorgieMoon, Grille by GeorgieMoon
- Console and Computer by Lt. Caine
- Code 3 MX7000 by Policewag, edited into York Regional PS Configuration by BRAVO 9 ACTUAL
- Setina PB-450 by Vertex, edited slightly by Bravo Modifications
- Progaurd partition by Vertex 3D
- SurcureGuard ALPR by unknown (let me know so I can add proper credits)
- Setina PB-400 by Kygo, edited with parts by unknown into PB-8 wrap
- 2013 Ford Explorer from NFS, Converted for GTA IV by Policefanatic, Model Later Enhanced By Bxbugs123.
- Rims Modeled, Textured & Conveted for GTA IV by Bxbugs123 (Center cap texture by PoliceWag)
- Liverys by BRAVO 9 ACTUAL
- Whelen Talon by Bxbugs
- Whelen TIR3 by Hilth0
- Code 3 XT6 light by Bxbugs, edited minorly by Bravo Modifications
- Console by Lt. Caine
- Code 3 MX7000 by Lt. Caine, mino edits by BRAVO 9 ACTUAL
- Model is Ford Taurus SHO 2010 from Forza, converted by NIK161RUS, edited into 2013 PI Sedan by GeorgieMoon.
- Bumper, Taillights by GeorgieMoon. Grill by Vertex3D.
- Headlight by TurboSquid, fitted and edited by GeorgieMoon.
- Rims by Bxbugs123, Tire by Rockstar Games.
- Custom Wheels by Lt. Caine
- DSF Radio by Ubisoft, ripped and converted by JewishBanana
- Whelen Cencom Sapphire by NickieB
- Cop model by unknown (It's been in my game a long-ass time so I forget) with minor texture edits by BRAVO 9 ACTUAL
*Please note that there are no screenshots included in the download due to total file size.
In order for the Taurus's to work properly, please use the provided AdvancedHook.ddl,dsound.dll and ScriptHook.dll
This might well be it.I wno't be uploading the D&R cars as they just didn't fit with the BRPS theme. Expect to see them in another pack down the road. There is a weird glitch with the bodycolours on the Taurus. In order to prevent it, please add the provided files to your root GTA IV folder. Do not reupload or edit the contents of this file to any other site. This is a GTA Modification Center EXCLUSIVE. These have been playtested extensively without issue. No further support will be offered on this upload.
Enjoy and remember, I'm nothing special, Just Another Canadian. ;)


What's New in Version 3.0   See changelog


  • Updated .rar
  • Added Interceptor Sedan
  • Added F 150
  • Updated all Textures

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