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Liberty City Police Pack 1.0.1

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About This File

So... This may be the last thing I upload for GTA IV since everyone has moved on to V so enjoy. 50/50 I'll update it, but the only bug is the utility base model


2011 CVPI
- Model is original 1998 Crown Victoria from Driver: San Francisco. Converted to GTA IV by F5544.
  - Edited by CJ24 and KevinDV
  - Steering wheel by EVI
  - Dash cluster, door trim, Flex Fuel badge by IronicRainbow
  - Grille by GeorgieMoon
  - Seats by Schaefft
  - Rims from NFS: MW, converted by Trewq34

2008 CVPI
-  Model is Ford Crown Victoria from Driver SF, converted to GTA IV by F5544, modified by KevinDV and Cj24.
-  Wheels from NFS:MW and converted by trewq34, Textures by GreenAid.
-  Honeycomb Grill made by KevinDV, Steering Wheel by EVI.

2013 Tahoe
-  Model from free 3D site, author unknown.
-  Converted and edite by GeorgieMoon.
-  Rim made by Bxbugs123, re-textured and re-scaled by GeorgieMoon.
-  Interior by 4x4 Hummer merged and textured by GeorgieMoon.

2014 Sedan
-  Model is Ford Taurus SHO 2010 from Forza, converted by NIK161RUS, extensively edited into 2014 PI by IronicRainbow
-  2013 style center console by IronicRainbow
-  Front bumper by Ridgerunner
-  Headlight and indicators by the Squir Team (TurboSquid)
-  Outer taillights by IronicRainbow
-  Inner taillights by Georgiemoon (Jorge Sun)
-  Rims by Bxfuckmyass123, center cap by PoliceWag

2015 Tahoe 
- Vehicle from Humster3d, purchased by Medmark.
- Converted by IronicRainbow.
- Various parts scratch made by IronicRainbow.
- Interior from 4x4, converted by Bxbugs123.
- Grille by IronicRainbow.

2016 Utility
-  Modeled by the Humster3D team
-  Bought by Sgt. Goetz
-  Interior modeled and textured by E.A. Games
-  Foglight modules modeled by Magictrickzz
-  Converted, textured, and edited by M67v

- Federal Signal Arjent S2 By KevinDV
- Federal Signal Legend modeled & mapped by KevinDV, Solaris LED textures by Ridgerunner
- Federal Signal Micropulse by DannyBoy1909, converted to IV by Him1250
- FS Latitude Signalmaster by DannyBoy1909, converted to IV by Him1250, Textures by Him1250
- Federal Signal Spectralus ILS made by deco
- Whelen Liberty SX modeled & mapped by KevinDV
- Whelen Avengers by EVI
- RTL 3rd brake lights scratch made and uv mapped by halopcdraco
- Generic Lighthead by Bueno
- Whelen TIR3 by Sebroin

- Medbag by Vertex3D
- Console by PFCBarefoot
- Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 modeled, converted, & textured by Ridgerunner Designs
- Unity Spotlight Modeled & converted for GTA IV by Bxbugs123, Main textures made by Bxbugs123
- NFS Equipment extracted by DMN, textured and converted by TheGTAMitch
- Equipment By Vertex3D
- Panasonic Arbitrator by johnclark1102, Texture is made by diablozer0d617
- Setina BodyGuard 6,7 Partition made by deco
- Stalker DUAL made & converted by Caleb3019, Textures By Caleb3019
- Shotgun by Grim
- Whelen Cencom Sapphire scratch made and converted to IV by IronicRainbow, Textures by IronicRainbow
- Cargo Partition by Tomcat8492
- D&R Window Bar Pack by Tomcat8492
- Whelen Par46 Spotlight modelled and converted by deco(Tim98)

- Setina PB-200 Pushbar made by deco
- Tahoe Setina Pushbar by NickieB
- Setina PB450 by Vertex3D

Important Shit my dude that I think you already know about but.....
- This vehicle is being release with no garentee.
- I(Vegas725)or anyone listed in the credits is not responsible if you break or damage your game. Make Backups, Your using THIS FILE AT YOUR OWN RISK
- If you want to use this pack in a clan, Go ahead, just credit me.

©Vegas725 Chris62f Chris65f Vegas790 Chris East Coast Designs Est 2018


By Downloading this File You Will Agree To These Terms, If you can't, Just don't download the file.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.East Coast Design Logo.png

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Added Slicktop FPIS woth Random spawning spotlights & Pushbar

Fixed Tahoe Liberty & Spotlights



Added 2015 Tahoe

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