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North Carolina State Troopers Pack(With updated vehicles) 1.7NC

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About This File

This is supposed to be the updated version of Twisted's NCHP pack which you can find on lspdfr.com http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/16530-north_carolina_state_trooper_pack/ (Knowing he's not gonna update it for a while), but it has the newer vehicles. The 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe & the 2016 Charger with the liberty & now a 2013 utility, one of the rare vehicles in the southern state. I couldn't do the Legacy one since that's too complicated for me to do.

- ELS VCF File goes into (by default) Grand Theft Auto V/mods (if applicable)/ ELS/ pack_default
- Vehicle Files drag and drop the police or any.yft, police or any_hi.ytf, police or any.ytd, into 
 Grand Theft Auto V/mods (if applicable)/update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday15ng(or any patchday after patchday13ng)/dlc.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf
 (for RDE users)  Grand Theft Auto V/mods (if applicable)/update/x64/dlcpacks/rde/dlc.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles/rdevehicles.rpf



Base Model's
2013 Utility
- 2012 Ford Explorer model from EA GAMES/NFS.
- Converted to a 2013 Ford Police Interceptor by JasonCT203. 
- Converted to GTA IV by JasonCT203 and to GTA V by JasonCT203
- Edited By Twisted
- Parts and Rims from Bxbugs123
- Dial texture from Underwood

2014 Charger
- 2014 Dodge Charger Model from Real Racing 3, Converted to IV by GeorgieMoon, Converted & Modified for GTA V by Carper and Bxbugs123
- Headlights, Taillights, Interior from Foza, Fitted, Modified, Textured & Converted for GTA V by Bxbugs123
- Chassis L2,s & L3's Modeled, Converted & Textured for GTA V by Bxbugs123
- Inner Rim by GerryStudio, Converted & Textured For GTA V by Bxbugs123

2015 Tahoe
- Orignal suburban Scratch modeled by Shadydk311 
- Converted and edited to V by BritishGamer88
- Converted to Tahoe by Thehurk & Allaboutk9
- MAJOR edits by Thehurk 
- Convert to PPV By Thehurk
- Rims purchased by Him1250
- Normals and wireframe fixed by Thehurk
- Textured by Thehurk

2017 Charger
- Base model extracted by DMN from Forza Horizon 2
- Converted and textures by Thehurk
- Converted to PPV By Thehurk
- AWD Rims scratch modeled and converted By RoegonTV
- AWD Logo by IronicRainbow

- Whelen Liberty modeled by RoegonTV ELS mapped by Vegas725, EMIS Texture by Twistedscopes
- Whelen 500 Series TIR6 by Tomcat8492
- Whelen Avengers by EVI, RE-ELS mapped by Vegas725
- IonLikeSurfaceMount by Coopercm, ELS mapped by Vegas725
- Whelen Vertex scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0, converted to gta 5 by Five0/OfficerFive0
- Whelen inner edge rtx by Vegas725 with Five0's ions

- Dodge Charger AWD Hubcaps & Steel Rims modeled by RoegonTV
- Dodge Alloy Wheel modeled by RSocialClubTV1 (Released on 2008 Dodge Caravan SXT), Modified into Charger Alloy by VooDoo/NickieB, Textures by VooDoo
- 2012-15 Dodge Steelie wheel modeled by GerryStudio, Textures by VooDoo

- Cargo Partition by Tomcat8492
- Console Modeled by Bueno
- Interior DEV Parts by Dogshoe13
- Equipment by Vertex3D
- Generic Laptop Stand scratch modeled, textured, and converted to GTA V by HDgamerzPC
- Kustom Signals Golden Eagle Radar modeled and textured by Gump
- Laird B1442N-MOBILE Antenna Modeled, Textured by VooDoo. Textures by VooDoo. Converted to V by VooDoo
- Laird B8065CN Antenna Modeled, Textured by VooDoo. Textures by VooDoo. Converted to V by VooDoo
- Laird Phantom Antenna Modeled, Textured by VooDoo. Textures by VooDoo. Converted to V by VooDoo
- Medbag by Vertex3D
- Setina BodyGuard 6,7 Partition made by deco
- Motorola XTL5000 by OfficerUnderwood
- Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 modeled and converted by Ridgerunner Designs, Textures by Ridgerunner Designs
- Watchguard 4RE Modeled by CAP'N CRUNCH, Textured by CAP'N CRUNCH. Textures by CAP'N CRUNCH. Converted to V by VooDoo
- Whelen 295SLSA6 Siren & Light Controller scratch modeled, textured, and converted to GTA V by HDgamerzPC

- Liveries by Mroxplay(NCHP & SAHP) SAHP since there is no NCHP skin from his NCHP skin pack.


Connon Questions


Q: Why aren't my lights bright?
A: You do not have light-enhancing mods installed. Download RadianceV, or another visualsettings.dat mod.
or other mods that increase emergency lighting brightness.

Q: Why aren't my lights flashing?
A: Make sure ELS is installed, and the VCF name matches the car file name.

Q: Will you please help me ins--
A: Did you read the readme? No? Sorry, can't help you. Yes? Then ask in the forums.

Q: I dont have the latest patch &/ or anything else?
A: Then put the car in your latest pactch day, or copy the latest patch &/ or anything else over.
Q: Why does my game crash after I install the car/meta/VCF?
A: I don't know, it works in my game.  

Q: Will you send me ______?
A: No.

Q: Can I make skins for this vehicle?
A: By all means, go ahead, just dont re-upload the vehicle model itself.

Q: WTF IS RDE?????
A: If you don't know what it is then don't worry about it.

Q: May I use this pack in my FiveM server?

A: IDC Go right ahead. I have better things to do these days, just don't rip the models, 
You can get everything used here on lspdfr.com & gta-mod-center.com

Important Shit my dude that I think you already know about but.....

- This vehicle is being release with no garentee on correctly made LOD's & other stuff
- I(Vegas725)or anyone listed in the credits is not responsible if you break or damage your game. Make Backups, Your using THIS FILE AT YOUR OWN RISK

©Vegas725(LSPDFR) Chris62f(GMC) Chris65f Vegas790 Chris Officer211(Pre 2014 era)

Enjoy I guess, I don't really care!

What's New in Version 1.7NC   See changelog


Updated 2015 Tahoe 

Added slicktop 15 Tahoe

updates Utility a bit



Since I got tired of people asking for the update with the two new chargers, I'm just gonna throw it in you faces, CATCH and leave me alone about thiupdate.!

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nice!! is it possible to get the silver wheels on the unmarked

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