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Los Santos Police Lore-Friendly Livery Pack 1.0.0

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About This File

Ever wanted to try CSI: Los Santos? With this lore friendly pack you'll be able to catch criminals and scream yeeeaaaaahhh whilst putting on a pair of sunglasses in both downtown Los Santos, contract cities or out in the bushes of Los Santos County.

A lore friendly Los Santos police pack inspired by both the City of Miami Police Dept. As well as the Miami-Dade County Police. It is the perfect pack for being able to patrol both the rural and metropolitan areas of Los Santos County in sunglasses.


Including the following variations for the cruisers;

City of Los Santos Police Units


- Patrol, Sergeant, Unmarked Cruiser & K9


- Patrol, Sergeant, Unmarked Cruiser, K9 & Field Training Officer


Los Santos County Police

CVPI, FPIS, Charger & FPIU

- Patrol, K9, Unmarked, Vinewood Contract City, Chumash Contract City & Del Perro Contract City


Vehicle Links (See spoiler below);


Miami Police Pack;

- https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/13945-2017_miami_pack_els/


Miami-Dade Police Charger;




The following template should be used if desired on another pack/vehicle;

Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

- Murphy/CJ24's template


Dodge Charger

- BxBuggs123's template


Ford Police Interceptor

- Officer Underwood's template


Ford Police Interceptor Utility

- JasonCT203's Template


Installation Instructions (See spoiler below);


Installation Instructions step-by-step how to navigate (using OpenIV):
1. GTA V Main Directory
2. Mods
3. Update
4. x64
5. dlcpacks
6. patchday18ng (Navigate to YOUR latest patchday, mine was 'patchday18' at the time of writing these instructions)
7. dlc.rpf
8. x64
9. levels
10. gta 5
11. vehicles.rpf
12. Click on 'Edit Mode' in the top of OpenIV
13. Double-click on the slot which is the slots where the vehicles were installed E.G. 'police2' , 'sheriff' , 'police3' and so forth
14. Find the texture you wish to replace, E.G. tau_sign_1 and click 'Replace'
15. Press 'Save' and once it has finished loading and closed the page, you can close OpenIV and enjoy the liveries!

*Please note that on some vehicles, you may have to replace textures both in 'example.ytd' AND 'example+hi.ytd



Credits (See spoiler below);


- Made from scratch by Crizby with Photoshop & Paint.NET
- Inspiration from City of Miami Police Dept. and the Miami-Dade County Police Dept. Such as colors, general design and dept. Logo


By downloading this file, you have agreed that;

- You may edit these liveries as much as you want for private use only

- That you will ask for and be granted permission from Crizby prior to uploading them

- That if they are used in a clan pack, proper credits to the original creator will be displayed



Please leave a comment for any questions or feedback! Enjoy :)

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