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    Callouts Script

    So all online players will play as ploce force and pullover AI or respond to AI calls? Will there be Civillians to bring other roleplay experience? Cheers
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    New to modeling

    I am very new to modeling and I was just curious if there is a central hub for parts and vehicles besides LSPDFR. I want to learn right and create the best work to my ability, but it is hard when I can't locate much as well as locate updated parts. Thank you for your help everyone! Ex
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    Crowbar Jones

    New to modeling

    Hello and welcome! Not too sure on many other sites. I tend to personally not venture far from GMC lol. There are some parts here available for download in our Downloads section.
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    Dash cluster is finished & i'm happy with the results I've been getting. More updates soon & a video like I promised.

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