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    Lots of work has gone into this once Suburban now Tahoe. Showcase video coming soon.. Here's some detail shots for now: https://www.flickr.com/photos/159152424@N06/albums/72157699204222991/with/29440964987/ (Album will be updated as time goes on)
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    Dash cluster is finished & i'm happy with the results I've been getting. More updates soon & a video like I promised.
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    absolutely stunning
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    Looks absolutely wonderful, @GeorgieMoon!!! Keep up the excellent work!
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    Omg @GeorgieMoon THOSE PICS ARE FIRE!!! Can not wait to see more of this! This is absolutely incredible!
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    Problem - Tint & Dull Modules

    I can yes, Just give me a moment. I have to make a couple edits to it and when its done, I will send it to you.
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    Problem - Tint & Dull Modules

    you mind sending me the lights (PM) so I can test them to see if they work in my game and if I can fix it i'll send them to you.
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    Here is a list of the things I plan on releasing! I will update this list as I find more parts. Lighting Whelen M4 Whelen M7 Whelen Liberty 2 Federal Signal Integrity Code 3 Javelin (New and Older version) Code 3 21TR Code 3 RX2700 (Gen 1 and 2 Module) Whelen Avenger Super LED Single Head Whelen Talon Super LED Single Head\ Whelen Legacy Soundoff Signal EPL3000 DNR Odyssey 2013 Impala Setina Rambar Havis Console PPV Wheel 2013 Charger DNR Console

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