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    Make it active once again :)

    i'm new but i'm liking this website so far everyone seems nice and friendly and helpful to so thx for the warm welcome.
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    GMC and it's future!

    Hello everyone! Thank you all for taking the time to read this thread! I wanted to create this because we're closing in on GMC's renewal. I think it's important to really catch the attention of the member base here. For years, we here at GMC, have believed in the fundamentals of sharing. We all got into modding GTA for different reasons, but when I started modding GTA, I really felt the urge to get better. My desire to create content grew more and more! Luckily we've had the opportunity to bring great mods here to the community! I've met a lot of members in this community that have become great friends, and some that blessed us with their presence for a short period of time. When Crunch, Faracus, Snit and I started GMC, we really just wanted a drama free place to have fun and share our passion with others. We really wanted to have a one stop shop for quality parts and mods! We've grown a lot and continue to do so to this day! When we started GMC, we were on a shared hosting server which essentially we shared with other websites. This was an inexpensive way to get GMC off the ground. It did, however, pose other challenges (Connection time to the site, upload limits, etc). About 2 years ago, my hosting company had a deal on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) and SNIT and I decided to give GMC an upgrade. Being on a VPS is nice, and does bring a nice flow here to GMC, however it is expensive. The normal price of our VPS was $130 a month. That's quite a bit to undertake! Luckily the sale they had kicked that price down the $30 a month! GMC could go back to shared box, however I believe the VPS would be best. I am going to do my best to keep the "lights" on here on GMC, but even for myself, I can't find the time to enjoy this wonderful hobby! I'm not sure what route we will go here, but in the meantime, we at least want to thank everyone that has supported us through the years! I may try to find alternatives to hosting the site, but I sure will keep everyone updated! Thank you everyone! @SNIT@Faracus @HDgamerzPC @ALLENjr12 @jasonct203 @Ranger Rick @Bueno @BRAVO 9 ACTUAL@kane104 @Policefanatic@TraumaPak@Rainbow Dash@PoliceWag @GeorgieMoon I'm sure I forgot a ton of people! Please know, we appreciate all our members and staff! Feel free to join GMC's discord ! https://discord.gg/pBBYbav
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    Hello everyone! Many of you may have taken notice of my leave of absence when it comes to modding. I'm going to place that blame on the things going on in my personal life and the state of the current modding community. I still very much enjoy modding and it has always been a hobby of mine for a little over five years now, which comes to why I think I need to take a step back. The amount of toxicity and negativity that goes on behind the scenes really does put a damper on everything. About a year ago or so I had every intention of releasing the Tahoe and exploring my options, but due to the increased pressure and nonsense that has since gone on i'm placing a void on the project. I hope everyone could respect my decision and I really do appreciate all of people willing to support me along the way. This doesn't mean i'm leaving forever, I still have many projects that I work on in my free time and I will never lose my love for modding. I just need to take a break and hope some things become clear.
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    Here is where you can discuss, suggest and find links for any GTA IV Non ELS files on this site. If you find others that I forgot to add, let me know and i'll update the list. Non ELS apparently for whatever reason never went the way of the dodo. It's kinda like an endangered species of half-retarded bird that some people consider their only source of food... Not saying there's anything wrong with that mind you. A change of plate now and then can be refreshing. But there are, um, tastier options out there... But I digress, here is the list: Single Cars State Highway Patrol "2011" CVPI [strobes Mod] - http://tinyurl.com/oe55p5b State Highway Patrol 2011 Charger Pursuit [strobes Mod] - http://tinyurl.com/qbsz5cl State Highway Patrol 2013 Explorer [strobes Mod] - http://tinyurl.com/p5na8ms All Blue 2011 CVPI - http://tinyurl.com/p2djnkj 2013 Ford Interceptor Sedan [Clockwork Mountain] - http://tinyurl.com/pc3m72z Packs Clockwork Mountain Revisited 3 Pack - http://tinyurl.com/o737mga County Sheriff 2 CVPI Pack - http://tinyurl.com/nwr5qlj
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    This Christmas I will buy GTA V. A short while later, money permitting, I will purchase Zmod 3 and start messing around with some classic 1998-ish CVPI's. I have a few idea's in mind that i've wanted to try in IV, but they'd be far better suited to a rural environment which GTA V can offer.
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    Non ELS Mods Database [GMC EDITION]

    People are willing to donate, expected to see great work from you.
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    Time will see me move there in some capacity. Although it will take time for that to happen. I'd need to get GTA first and then fork out the additional cash for a zmod3 license.
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    Non ELS Mods Database [GMC EDITION]

    I never was a fan of non-els in IV, but for V i have experimented quite a bit and i really enjoy it. I may or may not use ELS in V, the only reason i would is to have more patterns and to have to option to have pri, sec,tkd ect. Id like to see you move over to V because the limitations are much higher.
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    GMC and it's future!

    I really hoped for some replies from people to show support for GMC. We just passed another year mark and unfortunately it's time for GMC to go. I will not be releasing any of my parts before I shut the site down. Thanks to all of those who have helped with GMC and good luck to those who even care about police mods anymore lol

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