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    It's almost been two months since my last post and I can't say that I've gotten much done. I did some work on the FPIS in the little free time that I had. I was able to make the radiator and transmission cooler seen here: It's almost ready for converting and texturing, just time permitting at this point. I'm also working working on a secret project that is nearly ready for conversion also.
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    Hoping to release my packs soon! Waiting for a more testing to get done then it's out! Maybe some new DEV parts, too?
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    Version 1.0.0


    Finally after almost a year if pc issues I've finally finished the Shelby County Sheriff's Office pack. It includes 3 vehicles which are 2 tahoes and a charger. I plan on making a CID (Crime Investigation Division) pack for Shelby County in the future as well. But I have fixed all of the major issues I had while making this pack but there is a minor thing that I want to look into fixing if possible. PLEASE READ: the reason the charger is red and blue is because I made this pack as realistic as possible. It's that way in real life so that's the reason I left it red and blue.
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    Dude your an awesome person!!!! Can not wait for these!!!
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    Version 1.0


    08/04/2016 www.gta-mod-center.com Jason/VooDoo MODEL OVERVIEW - NAME: 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Utility - VERSION: 1.0F - EXTRA PARTS: - OPTIMIZED FOR: police - CREDITS: Jaason/VooDoo (see CREDITS) - MODEL STATUS: Unlocked This model is exclusive to the members here on GMC and is to NOT be given to anyone who is not a member. By downloading, you agree to these terms and the terms below. - THIS MODEL IS RELEASED UNLOCKED TO THE PUBLIC TO ENCOURAGE FUTURE DEVELOPEMENT TO THE COMMUNITY. - MAKE SURE TO READ ADDITIONAL NOTES FOR INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE. CREDITS: - 2012 Ford Explorer model from EA GAMES/NFS, Converted to a 2013 Ford Police Interceptor by JasonCT203, Converted to GTA IV by JasonCT203 and to GTA V by JasonCT203 - 2013-Current Ford Police Interceptor Wheel modeled by VooDoo, Centercap by Jasonct203 converted to GTA V by JasonCT203 ADDITIONAL NOTES: - YOU WILL NEED TO CREATE YOUR OWN L1, L2, L3 and L4's. - DO NOT upload this file unlocked to any other website. Please give Proper credits when using this vehicle in Videos or patrols. Also, Please link the vehicle to GMC for download and DO NOT Upload this to mediafire, Dropbox or any other file sharing site. LINK THE FILE BACK TO WHERE YOU GOT IT FILES INCLUDED - gresley.yft - gresley.ytd - explorer_sign_1.png - explorer window_temp.png - Pictures - Credits.txt READ!!!!!!!!!!! ===============================================ATTENTION================================================= DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MODIFY, RIP, ALTER OR CONVERT THIS MODEL AND/OR TEXURE to ANOTHER GAME WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM ME (Jason/VooDoo) IT IS FORBIDDEN TO ALTER THIS ARCHIVE! FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN PUNISHMENT!BY DOWNLOADING YOU AGREE TO ALL TERMS ========================================================================================================== EVERYTHING BELOW THIS LINE IS COPYRIGHTED BY GMC ===================================================================================================================================================== OVERVIEW TERMS OF USE AND DISTRIBUTION (Below, the term “product” is used to describe the software/modification whose name is listed above.) This product is freeware and may not be exploited for personal, financial or commercial gain. The product is provided without any form of warranty. Therefore, responsibility for any damages caused by this product or its misuse rest solely with the user, as the author(s) will accept no liability. You may NOT redistribute this product unless instructed otherwise. September 2009, made by Lt.Caine. © Copyright 2009-2010, Luxart. © Copyright 2010-2016, Jasonct203/GTA-MOD-CENTER © Copyright 2010-2016, VooDoo/GTA-MOD-CENTER
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hello and Thank you For Downloading this DEV part. I hope it helps give more depth to your project. I have left the part in a somewhat big state in regards to texturing to hopefully make it easier for anyone that wants to remove certain parts that they do not want. This DOES NOT COME with a uv map template. It is left like this so you may add it to your truck project or uv map it as you choose to want it. Rules- You may NOT UPLOAD this to any other Website in a UNLOCKED State. You may use this for a project of your own however it is to remain locked. You may Use This OUTSIDE of GTA V This Model is provided to you AS IS, as in I will not be fixing/adjusting adding to it. Its unlocked to give you the freedom to tweak it to your liking. Please provide the below credits in you're upload. This was made by someone and converted by me to GTA 5. Least that could be done is give credit to the person for taking the time to create this. Thank you and Enjoy! SoCal Thero Credits: Camper Shell: -3d Model Created by "None" -Object Textured by "Thero" -Object Converted to GTA 5 by "Thero"

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