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    From the album GTA V

    Trying out a new 'Crizby logo'. Any opinions on the design? I kind of miss the old one already...
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    Version 1.0.0


    09/26/17 www.gta-mod-center.com VooDoo MODEL OVERVIEW - NAME: Whelen Liberty SX/LFL - VERSION: 1.0F - EXTRA PARTS: Glass, Takedowns - OPTIMIZED FOR: Any Vehicle - CREDITS: VooDoo (see CREDITS) - MODEL STATUS: Unlocked CREDITS: - MAKE SURE TO READ INFO FILE FOR INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE. - All Credit goes to WHELEN ENGINEERING COMPANY - 3D Creation by VooDoo - Textured/ELS'd by VooDoo ADDITIONAL NOTES: - I take no credit other than the 3D creation and game optimization. - DO NOT convert this model to another game (ANYTHING OTHER THAN GTAV) Without the written permission from VooDoo - Please give Proper credits when using this light on your own models. FILES INCLUDED - x1-Liberty Complete - ELS - Textures - Pictures - Credits.txt READ!!!!!!!!!!! ===============================================ATTENTION================================================= DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MODIFY, RIP, ALTER OR CONVERT THIS MODEL AND/OR TEXURE to ANOTHER GAME WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM ME (VooDoobie) IT IS FORBIDDEN TO ALTER THIS ARCHIVE! FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN PUNISHMENT!. ========================================================================================================== EVERYTHING BELOW THIS LINE IS COPYRIGHTED BY GTA MOD CENTER ===================================================================================================================================================== OVERVIEW TERMS OF USE AND DISTRIBUTION (Below, the term “product” is used to describe the software/modification whose name is listed above.) This product is freeware and may not be exploited for personal, financial or commercial gain. The product is provided without any form of warranty. Therefore, responsibility for any damages caused by this product or its misuse rest solely with the user, as the author(s) will accept no liability. You may NOT redistribute this product unless instructed otherwise. September 2009, made by Lt.Caine. © Copyright 2009-2010, Luxart. © Copyright 2010-2015, VooDoo/GTA-MOD-CENTER

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