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    they like each other AWWWWW

    From the album MY W.I.P

    Skins are by Getinmybelly skins will not come on the models but they do look sexy with them on right?
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    From the album ALLENjr12's Gallery

    © ALLENjr12

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    bro your craftsmanship is unrivaled!!! thank you for all the quality vehicles !!!!!
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    From the album MY W.I.P

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    Tactical Potato


    From the album fd

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    It's been a long time!

    It's been a long time!
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    From the album GTA V WIPs

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    Yelp N that's the K-9 unit

    From the album MY W.I.P

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    Instead of cramming up the status updates with all of my projects and 3D models I've decided to finally make a thread to post everything. I put plenty of time into this so be patient with me. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to modeling and creating mods. Current projects: 2018' Spec Tahoe PPV Months of work was put into this vehicle and it still isn't completed. This car features custom made diffuse, normal, and specular textures for nearly every part. I still have a lot of "stitch" work to do around the leather seams, on top of completing the taillights and other interior markings. 2017' Spec Police Interceptor Sedan This project was just started recently so not nearly as much progress as other cars in the fleet. I've custom made a new bumper and trunk on top of new taillights and reverse lights. I've also retrofitted higher poly door handles, mirrors, sidemarkers, and other misc. details. Work on the front bumper and grill started today. I plan to create custom textures for this model also. 2015 Ford Explorer (FPIU) Something I started working on months before the Tahoe. I've gone ahead and remade parts of the car that I saw were lacking detail. I have also recalculated normals on the entire car since there were plenty of issues with edges showing white and distorted in-game (Desmond98 also encountered this on his explorer). This project still requires a lot of work. Future projects: 2018 Ford Explorer (FPIU) 2011 Crown Victoria 2014 Tahoe (This project of mine is already converted and in-game but requires a little TLC) Reference Gallery for in-game completed projects.
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    I've been enjoying the warm weather and celebrating my birthday for a couple days but back to work I go. I made a new bumper and hood and have done some work on the undercarriage of the FPIS. Perfecting normals and adding small details like a 3D grill in the sidemarker took up a large part of my day. I plan to create a full 3D undercarriage and engine if time allows and to the best of my ability. Here's some pics of my progress:
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    From the album MY W.I.P

    SKINS IS BY @kahlandir & @Bxbugs123 edited by Me
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    Uhhh...Hi...Hello...ummm...can we have more of these packs? hahaha awesome job my man! 6/5!
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    Tactical Potato

    Them Vics ;)

    From the album fd

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    Version 1.0.0


    RELEASE PREVIEW VIDEO ------------------------- RELEASE NOTES ------------------------- 2013 Chevrolet Silverado Pack "The Trifecta" Version: 1.0.0 Lightbar: Various Multiple Liveries: Yes Optimized for: Any SPECIAL THANKS: I would like to say thank you to Atlas as well as the West Valley members who have assisted me throughout this project. This project began all the way back in November of 2017 and has come a long way in the many months. I hope you all enjoy these trucks! NOTES: - There are three vehicles included in this pack. One is a Blaine County Sheriff's Office explosives detection unit, one is a LSFD battalion chief unit, and one is an SA fish and wildlife unit. - Each truck has unique features that relate to the theme of the truck. CREDITS:
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    I'm Gonna Getcha!!!!

    From the album MY W.I.P

    was cleaning out my model folder and found this that i did a while back and she still look good
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    That tahoe is much needed!
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    Ranger Rick


    From the album GTA V WIPs

    A special thanks to @Five0 for the Whelen Tracers. In other news... I need a new skin to use, if anyone has one they'd like me to use, let me know!
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    [WIP] Lenco Bearcat

    From the album lenco

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