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      System Rebooting

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      Bueno omg i miss your old ass what's good bro


  2. Make it active once again :)

    Yes this site had come to a halt when ShitStar Games destroyed the greatest part of what started this community back in GTA 4, and as GTA 5 lost it's shine and became an empty husk that's no fun to play MP unless you enjoy DM's. That great shiny new engine and no room to gallop, but that is no longer the issue and a pulse has been detected in our veins. I for one am feeling the calling again. The Phoenix will rise again in it's majestic glory and this site will be alive once more. Our great modding has always been about great quality through hard work and dedication to a hobby, that is what makes our official releases much better, and when I look at the community's response whenever an official GMC work is released shows that our products are indeed desired, but great quality products take time, while our community presence has been mute, behind the scenes we have been working.
  3. Welcome to GMC's Official FiveM Server!!!'s discussion forms. We are a community server, and this means we value the input and suggestions from our community to help shape our server, please use this discussion form to talk about our server, tell us how you feel, let us know what you think would work better? We will gauge the community's response and if we agree that it fits within our values then we will make the necessary changes. I would like to remind everyone that all members have the right to their opinion and suggestion, and all members have the right to post those opinions or suggestions and not be attacked. Anyone who breaks this rule will find themselves at the mercy of our incredible Moderation team. ///This Block is Currently Wrong Server Is Currently Open To All Players/// Before being able to connect to the server you must register your Steam ID with your forum profile, for security reasons this may only be set once by the user, and changes will be handled by our administration team. In order to get your Steam ID, you must try connecting to the server, it will return an error including your Steam ID (Even if you did not buy GTA V on Steam, as long as you have Steam running and connected in the background FiveM still can acquire your Steam details). Once you get your Steam ID you can go to your profile and add it to our white list which will instantly enable you access to our server! Server Rules Play fair! Play Nice! Be Kind! Server Connection Information By connecting to the server you agree to follow the rules as they have been listed above, and you realize that the punishment for breaking these rules could be up to and including permanent bans from both the server and the forums. You can find the server in the server browser (search GMC), or you can connect with the information below! (Press F8 then type connect ip:port) Server IP:Port |
  4. Rules for the Support Section

    Welcome to the support section for our GTA FiveM server. Please use the search functionality to check if your issue has already been posted. This section is not for suggestions, that should be talked about in discussion so we can best gauge the community's response to suggestions. Issues with custom scripts should be discussed in their relevant threads in the discussion catagory!
  5. Your input wanted!

    I love this idea. Thanks!
  6. Achievement System Released

    Achievement Checking system is offline for now, it was the cause of the slow loading site, I will look in to optimizing the performance, before it comes back.
  7. New Achievement System progress now showing on my account, but still none for Jason!

    1. SNIT


      Didn't we ban you already?

  8. Check out my profile for a show off of the first secret achievement :P

  9. Nobody saw that -_- phew that was close!

  10. Hello!!!

    How's it going good sir?

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