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  1. NYPD's in the House!

    You are missing the grill lights, rear deck lights, rambar, the side marker lights, and Whelen Vertexs in the the headlights. The headlights aren't supposed to wig wag either, and neither are the taillights.
  2. Grand Theft Auto IV Update 11/29/16

    Well that's just freakin' great. An update to make GTA 4 better, but with no mods. I'm sticking with v1.0.7.0, and I will continue to make police car mods for that game.
  3. M67v's totes legit stuff

    Cool photos I have
  4. The Whole Department

    From the album M67v's totes legit stuff

    A bunch of Hawthorne Police vehicles (from my pack: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/12721-hawthorne-police-department-pack/)rolling up on a car that didn't stop at a DUI checkpoint.
  5. Version v1


    A couple things to note. There are configured and customizable files for both the front facing version and rear facing version. The customizable files are for the user's own personal ELS mapping that they want. Note that the real-life version of this bar is not dual-color, so I suggest not mapping this to be a dual-color lightbar. If you don't feel like mapping your own, there are already pre-configured versions. Credits: Federal Signal Solaris ILS -Scratch-modeled and Textured by M67v
  6. From the album M67v's totes legit stuff

    This is part of my upcoming San Bernardino Police Department vehicle pack. So far, this is the only car I've done, but there is more to come.
  7. From the album M67v's totes legit stuff

    This is part of my upcoming San Bernardino Police Department vehicle pack. So far, this is the only car I've done, but there is more to come.

    © M67v

  8. Got 3DS MAX!

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. EVI


      "just wants to make mods for others to use"


      That's all you had to do from the beginning instead of being "offensive" with your "salty" ad hominems and claiming dindunuffin after people became "offensive" back(senseless satire being "offensive" is a joke) at you.


    3. EVI


      You thinking you're being harassed is completely delusional. Nobody asks for special rights here except you. We all get razzed on here and we know people are just joking. I'm "offended" that you come here and try to bully people into accepting your view on vines...Yet you're still allowed to come to GMC? Why is that? Don't you think you could have been banned already?


    4. EVI


      I gave you a short mod que because I thought you could grow some balls and stop getting upset over everything.


      I'm tired of your bitching and moaning. I won't spend another minute on this, so this is your last chance.

  9. 2x - 2011 RCSD Crown Victoria

    Looks nice.
  10. Tudor Sheriff's Service CVPI

    All TGMs aside, this looks really cool. Is it DROT?
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    2. Shmurda
    3. trewq34


      Thanks for the after-work humour you have provided this fine day. I'm literally in stitches...

    4. TGM


      So because he isn't your friend and not a muslim, you aren't going to tell him anything relevant? I'm sure you're the type of person to pull the religion card to say "hey dont do that im muslim". You can't live under Sharia on the internet, sorry.

  11. Back to LC

    Ooh. How many polys?
  12. I swear these "Allahuakbar" vines are beyond cancerous. People have no clue what it means, and they don't even know how to say it. It's just another disrespectful religious joke that has unfortunately spread across like hotcakes. Allahuakbar means "god is great" and Islam doesn't teach people to be terrorist. And saying "It's meant to be offensive" isn't an excuse; offensiveness is offensiveness. These vines aren't funny; they're stupid.

    1. Show previous comments  21 more
    2. EVI


      "You guys talk shit, nothing happens."


      False dichotomy. The difference here is that you have no sense of satire. We are joking about 99% of the time. You come here demanding that we accept your views, we don't. if you can't accept that people have opposing views then head off to your safe space at tumblr.

    3. MrOxPlay
    4. SNIT


      Yeah, nah, Locked.

  13. What kind of mirror lights are these? I can't figure it out.

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    2. Five0
    3. M67v
    4. M67v


      @Speed Weed

      I want to make a San Bernardino Police Department pack.

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