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  1. Police attached to Los Santos LAC  have attended a Motor Vehicle Accident on Mt Haan Drive, Galileo Park. The two vehicles involved were travelling in the opposite directions and collided 'head on' after coming around a bend. Both drivers were seriously injured, resulting in one man being transported to ambulance by Care Flight and another by road.  






  2. Australian Emergency Thread

    There is a mod where it changed the textures on the plates
  3. Version 1.0.0


    NSW Police Vehicle Livery Pack Please see attached downloadable file for livery's to vehicles created by @Moose & @Macgregor. All skins were created by myself and for the use of ASEC Gaming. I have since then decided that these should be accessible to all member of the public for their enjoyment. This skins are permitted to be used in non for profit gaming communities and are permitted to be displayed on other social media platforms, as long as appropriate credits are given. As the skins have the logo of a Government Organisation, I DO NOT encourage that these skins are to be used for financial benefit or used in a manner that creates an conflict of interest and or in anyway reflects poorly on the NSW Police reputation. Attached are skins for - Holden Evoke Commodore - NSW Police General Duties - Ford Territory - NSW Police General Duties - Ford Falcon FGX XT - NSW Police General Duties - Toyota Camry - NSW Police General Duties - Toyota Hilux Caged Vehicle - NSW Police General Duties
  4. Australian Emergency Thread

    Hey guys! Haven't seen many Aussie mods around here for a while. Do we have any new stuff?
  5. Anyone who is on join to TS3 >> ARMA 3 - Now. ft. SNIT

  6. Australian Emergency Thread

    Good to see this stuff being produced mate! Even with that camry throughs that diversity in away from all the usual cars!
  7. Australian Emergency Thread

    This is bloody beautiful!
  8. This has to be on of the best videos made! hahha

    1. Westie


      much love for Jason and Malek!!


    2. jasonct203
  9. Australian Emergency Thread

    Nice work guys! Good to see some new faces around here look forward in seeing more amazing work!!
  10. Australian Emergency Thread

    From Macgregor's Ford Falcon.... Just for shits and giggs (Unlisted Videos)
  11. Australian Emergency Thread

    Nice colour....... Does it come in mens?

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