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  1. From the album GTA V WIPs

  2. From the album GTA V WIPs

    Amazing skin originally by @MrOxPlay, edited to fit Hurk's 2014 Charger.
  3. From the album GTA V WIPs

    My current WIP.... Needs interior equipment, and rear deck lights and it'll be good to go. I somehow managed to replicate the actual flash pattern OSP uses too.. Also had a "sheriff" version of the skin made... It might be my new go-to lore friendly livery for my vehicles.
  4. From the album GTA V WIPs

    The Move Over Law (ORS 811.147) states that if you are driving up behind any type of police car or emergency vehicle pulled over on the roadside with emergency lights flashing, you must: 1) MOVE OVER into another lane. 2) If you can’t safely change lanes, SLOW DOWN. 3) In all cases, the driver must try to provide as much room as possible for the emergency vehicle.
  5. Awesome! Thank you!
  6. From the album GTA V WIPs

    I think the skin was originally by Carper... I need a good generic skin, so if anyone wants to make me one, let me know. I'm using Hurk's base model.
  7. From the album GTA V WIPs

    You'll be seeing a whole lot more of this bumper in the near future... Still a WIP, and I do have a Liberty Version of this Tahoe to add this bumper to.
  8. From the album GTA V WIPs

  9. From the album GTA V WIPs

  10. From the album GTA V WIPs

    Like the USFS, the BLM has a law enforcement component. Skins by @PantherP71 I also have USFS skins installed on this vehicle and have not been able to map the license plates to the skins themselves.
  11. @SNIT I do not... I will eventually... but I want to finish up the rest of the car first.
  12. From the album GTA V WIPs

    Still need to put a ton more on this car... But it's a start... It features duo and trio color lighting. With r/b/a to the rear, and r/b/w to the front.
  13. From the album GTA V WIPs

  14. From the album GTA V WIPs

    The M6s in the rear need some tweaking, but other than that, it's pretty well done.
  15. From the album GTA V WIPs

    Some of the liveries/skins that will be included in the Federal Land Management Law Enforcement Pack. Amazing help and liveries by @PantherP71

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