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  1. I'm about dat Life...

    Good lord almighty, hot damn dude!
  2. Next stop, light shop

    From the album Oregon State Police

  3. Interior Side View

    From the album Oregon State Police

  4. K9 Cage and Window fans complete

    From the album Oregon State Police

  5. Cage installed

    From the album Oregon State Police

  6. Interior Complete

    From the album Oregon State Police

  7. She is freaky sexy

    Hot damn!
  8. 16 Tahoe Oregon State Police K9 WIP

    From the album Oregon State Police

    © Killer

  9. Oregon State Police K9 in the making

    From the album Oregon State Police

    © Killer

  10. Ready passenger seat

    From the album Oregon State Police

    © Killer

  11. Chilling by the beach

    From the album Oregon State Police

    © Killer

  12. Feels good to be back in the modeling scene after a long hiatus. B)

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      Thanks JJ, good to see you still around 

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      O yes brother your boy not going no where i'm here for LIFE:rolleyes:

    4. Killer


      GMC for life :D

  13. Version V2


    2016 Oregon State Police Dodge Charger _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CONTENTS: -2016 Dodge Charger PPV _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ KNOWN BUGS: -2016 Dodge Charger I'm using does not have breakable windows. I'll work on getting this fixed at a later date. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INSTALLATION: 1. Make backups! 2. Drag all files included in the "models" folder into: gtav/mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/(LATEST PATCHDAY)/dlc.rpf/x64>levels/gtav/vehicles.rpf, using OpenIV in edit mode. 3. If provided, you may use the OVI Installer(Not Currently released in V1.0 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SUGGESTED: Oregon State Police Ped _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DISCLAIMER: - Do not upload this file to any other site and/or claim it as your own. - Do not rip or otherwise modify this vehicle for unauthorized use. - Do not try to make money off of this free, public vehicle. - Please ask permission before using this vehicle for clans or similar groups. - Always keep a backup of changes you make in the event that something goes wrong. - Please do not use the review section for bugs or make suggestion this vehicle is not correct. Either Comment or PM me regarding issues with this vehicle. - If I forgot you in the credits please message me so I can add you. Thanks! Check out the following Video to show you some features: Showcase ------------------------- RELEASE NOTES & Credits ------------------------- 2016 Dodge Charger "Oregon State Police" Version: 0.1 Beta Lightbar: Whelen Liberty II Multiple Liveries: Yes Optimized for: All NOTES: - This vehicle works well with the "Police2" handling line. - This vehicle is intended to be as realistic as possible. I will not make different variations of this model to meet fictional desires. - One ELC VCF file is included. The real department uses this pattern. CREDITS: Model Credits - Base model extracted by DMN from Forza Horizon 2 - Converted and textures by Thehurk - Converted to PPV By Thehurk - AWD Rims scratch modeled and converted By RoegonTV - AWD Logo by IronicRainbow Lighting Credits: Whelen Lib II Modeled by EVI for GTA IV Converted to GTA V by Killer Custom UV and Texture map by Killer TIR 3 Whelen TIR3 scratch modeled and converted by Hilth0 of DumpsterFireArts Parts: Setina PB450L by Ridgerunner Designs, converted and textured by Him1250 Textures by RidgeRunner edited by Him1250 Havis ConsoleV2 by Vertex3D
  14. GTA V

    All pictures from console to PC

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