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  1. OpenIV's recent status shift is well known, however this topic is unrelated to OpenIV. You're welcome to start a thread if you wish to discuss the matter.
  2. Please keep comments on topic.
  3. From the album GTA AET

    Wheel arches are now fixed.
  4. From the album GTA AET

  5. When all you wanna do is play some LSPDFR and all it wants to do is crash.. :|

  6. Wow! Hands down the best pack I've seen for GTA V so far.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    INSTALL: flatbed.yft, flatbed_hi.yft, flatbed.ytd and flatbed+hi.ytd: x64e.rpf > levels > gta5 > vehicles.rpf Alternatively you can use the 'open search' feature of OpenIV to find the files and replace them there. Please see ELS documentation on installing Vehicle configuration files.
  8. Interesting light setup, got video of it?
  9. Fucking sensational shot.
  10. Bush Lives Matter.
  11. You can hover over their name and it will show that users user card which has their primary group. Really, it's up to you who you go to and you should really just PM whoever is online.
  12. Everyone on that page is either an Admin or Moderator.
  13. Nice shot man! Looks great.

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