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  1. Progress 2

    From the album GTA AET

  2. Progress 1

    From the album GTA AET

  3. I need Major Help with a LightBar

    ELS or non-ELS?
  4. It's out

    From the album GTA AET

  5. Version 3.0


  6. Things and stuff The Third

    From the album GTA AET

  7. Things and stuff No.2

    From the album GTA AET

  8. Things and stuff

    From the album GTA AET

  9. .B-U-S-T-E-D.

    That is a fucking exceptional shot. Too bad the road display thing is on the bottom, it could've been background material.
  10. EmergNYC: Back to quarters

    From the album EmergNYC

    Testing out the new EmergNYC update. Hopefully some actual gameplay content makes it into the next patch.
  11. EmergNYC

  12. STR_Failure_3 Crash (FIX)

    This error can occur when a model's files are too large causing the game to error out when attempting to spawn. It's a good idea to make sure the model files aren't too big either.

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