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  1. From the album WIP Textures

  2. From the album WIP Textures

  3. MP episode, with uniforms brought to you by EUP!
  4. Military Police episode, with new uniforms brought to you by EUP


  5. Checking out the chest mics in the EUP beta!
  6. From the album GTAV - PC

  7. From the album GTAV - PC

  8. From the album GTAV - PC

    Car here!
  9. From the album GTAV - PC

    Car here, it's fantastic!
  10. New episode in Blaine County!
  11. Amazing! Also, I guess I can't read, I completely missed the hands up thing. Maybe I just got excited. And awesome about ELS. I thought it wasn't possible in 5M. Guess I'm wrong!
  12. I thought that I should revamp my old topic and place my newer videos here. This also means I'll post some non FR related videos occasionally as well. Here is my FR playlist! As well as my last uploaded video!
  13. This sounds amazing! Do you have plans for a handsup and handcuff script? And watching other people's 5M videos, some have a ELS style script that allows them to toggle all the different siren tones (Wail, Yelp, Phaser, Horn) and also toggle lights.
  14. From the album GTAV - PC

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