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  1. Snow White.

    Ugh this project <3 This looks fantastic! Excellent work and am looking forward to seeing the finished product!
  2. LAMPHUS SoundAlert SASP03

    Excellent work! I hope to see more out of you in the future. This is very well done.
  3. Surface Multiband Antenna

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a surface multiband antenna I modeled more recently. This is one of the upcoming DEV releases I promised <3 Enjoy
  4. VooDoo's dust covered parts

    You're wonderful... I cannot wait to see these quality models released and spread across the Virtual Policing world!
  5. Unknown's Bakery

    For starters, this is a Motorola Workstation mount. ( it was built around an already existing MW as I didn't want to start a new MDT )
  6. Unknown's Bakery

    I'll be posting current W.I.P's here as well as maybe a few dev model pics.
  7. New York State Police Pack

    All good man. I appreciate the love!
  8. New York State Police Pack

    Sure, go for it man
  9. | Rockford Hills Sheriff Explorer |

    The lighting in the front is fantastic <3. Even though there aren't any photos of the rear setup, I still downloaded. The rear setup, though not my taste, suites most sheriff departments. Very creative use of the Plate Reader. Good job on this man.
  10. (DEV) SoundOff nFORCEā„¢ Interior Package

    Bueno, thank you for the lighting. Again, I can't thank you enough. All the work you've contributed is amazing, I still use your work to this day. Thank you <3
  11. Ray Allen EZE K9 Cage

    <3 Great work as always!
  12. PIP's Plate Readers

    Version 1.0.0


    PIP's Plate Readers for you people. If you have everything unhidden, it's about 15k poly's. So a set of these on a vehicle will run about 5k poly's.
  13. New York State Police Pack

    Try re-downloading it. Post here if it gives you the same issue.
  14. GTA5 2018-01-02 14-19-22-597.jpg

    Wow. That skin is absolutely stunning. <3
  15. Christmas Mobile is... Mobile

    A christmas tree Tahoe that is soon to be implimented. Hopefully you will all like the light cancer as much as myself. Current extras : Rambar + Wraparound - Extra_ten ALPR's - Extra_12

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