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  1. Almost complete - Rear

    From the album Unknown's Playland

  2. Unknown's Playland

    Where the creations of imagination become reality. Or some real life vehicles... Yeah.
  3. Almost complete!

    From the album Unknown's Playland

  4. Rough Draft - Front

    From the album Unknown's Playland

  5. Rough Draft - Rear

    From the album Unknown's Playland

  6. LaptopStand

    Ohh, that is gorgeous! Definitely a want!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is based completely off of the real counterpart. Vehicle 113. A few lights have been added and the rear of the tahoe is completely fictional as I couldn't find sufficient information on the setup. The front is basically spot on, minus the vertex's. I should probably say it's 'loosely' based on the counterpart, but oh well. Features : Wobbly antenna <3 Working Predators - Extra 11 Working spotlights - Highbeams Traffic Advisor is a TA + Red/Blue Sexy. I will probably add another variant to this that is more based off of the real thing, but for now this is what I want to release. If enough people want it, I'll release the ACSO pack. I don't have much else to fix / update with them. Off to the next. Video of this bad boy in action:
  8. The Beginning of the Blaine County Super Pack

    DAMN I love that blue.
  9. [DEV] Head Rest Printer

    Version 1.0


    Haven't seen one of these and I thought it was quite unique, so I took it upon myself to create it. Comes with two textures. One for the mount, and one for the printer. In case you want to use the mount for something else. Poly count is high. Don't care to fix it. Might fix it eventually, but for now figure it out.
  10. [DEV/V] 2013-14 Interceptor Utility Mesh Grille

    Excellent work as always! <3
  11. LSPD - 2016 FPIU Pack

    Yeah, one of my buddies being an idiot, lol. Should temp. Ban him
  12. comparison 3

    From the album Unknown's Playland

  13. Comparison 2

    From the album Unknown's Playland

  14. Comparison 1

    From the album Unknown's Playland

  15. Traffic Stop

    From the album Unknown's Playland

    Dat Rear <3

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