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  1. Some people should be stoned, would make me so happy.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Hoffers


      I think people got the wrong context out of this. I meant like how you throw rocks and stones at people :D


    3. Faracus


      I think you just forgot what site this is lol



      Lifers, Crazies and Canadians. Welcome, to GMC.

  2. Australian Emergency Thread

    I believe it is, one of the photos the module with the red emissive is facing rearward, and in the following pics it is facing frontward.
  3. That profile pic tho

  4. Remington 870 Express Tactical Shotgun

    From the album All my wonderful rainbows

    Just something I whipped up, couldn't sleep due to insomnia. All that means is more coding and modeling

    © Remington for Design, Hoffers for 3d Model

  5. All my wonderful rainbows

  6. Itacha M37 Shotgun

    From the album All my wonderful rainbows

    Still need to paint the textures and uv map. Got to the stage of having the uv's packed but 'max went to all mess.

    © Itacha for the gun design, Hoffers for the 3D model

  7. Generic SUV/Utility Pushbar Wrap

    From the album All my wonderful rainbows

    © Hoffers (c) 2014

  8. Version V1


    MODEL OVERVIEW ================================= - NAME: 2011 LCPD/NYPD STYLE DODGE CHALLENGER UNMARKED - VERSION: V.1 - EXTRA PARTS: Multiple Liveries (Only one clear included), Car wheels are set to carcols, so is body on transparent texture. - OPTIMIZED FOR: All (Just in FBI for my game so, yeah soznotsoz) CREDITS - Model by Criterion Games, with some parts from Turn 10 Studios - Converted, edited, and templates by Chippy - Slimlighter by Hoffers - Tir3 modules by Heisenberg - Half-assed assembly by Hoffers FILES INCLUDED - fbi.wtd - fbi.wft - readme.txt - template.png - els.ini Any commercial or by laws prohibited use of the content of this archive is forbidden.
  9. The new and improved ELS V8 Necklace!

    We could do a trade
  10. Australian Emergency Thread

    Starting work on this; It's pretty high poly so a lot of optimization work will be needed. Don't expect it anytime soon. I am barely modding anymore.
  11. Welcome to GMC

    Did I hear only top modders? Okay.. I understand.. *walks off slowly awaiting the yelp of VooDoobie to say come back*

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