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  1. Australian Emergency Thread

    In regards to the vf; I finished converting it. Now we're just doing the finishing touches.
  2. Version 1.0


    -Code 3 Sprinter Siren Control. -Completely scratch made by me (BlueHeelers). -Skin by me (BlueHeelers). -I made this for one model, and no longer have a use for it. I am fully aware that it is NOT 100% accurate, but It was good enough for what I needed it for. It's 1,122 polys (which is large for a small item.) It was a RUSHED model. -The light display (yellow bar) is els (extras 1 through to 6). You must attach it to the els on your models lightbar, in order for it to work as intended. -Full credits MUST be given to the creator (me, BlueHeelers), when using it in your own model. -You CAN edit and modify it to suit YOU, but you CANNOT re-upload it. If edits are made, the model must remain LOCKED. -You CANNOT convert it to another game, other then GTA IV. -Do NOT upload to any other website! Restricted to www.gta-mod-center.com This is based off of code 3s design. I did not design it, I only modeled it for gta IV. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ENJOY!
  3. Drot question

    Hey guys, Does anyone know how kevindv set this up? The reflector between the rotators as show here ( http://i.imgur.com/7ZoBq7q.png) flashes once the rotator is facing it, whilst spinning. Also, how do you do this? http://i.imgur.com/tdmVBwc.png http://i.imgur.com/aUVAm3Z.png I've looked in open iv, but I have no idea how he has set it up. Really want to know for my excalibur. If it's too hard to explain, I'm happy to send my light bar to someone who can do it for me. Thanks in advance.
  4. LCPDFR/ELS problem + Zmodeler!

    Yeah, will do mate. Cheers :-) Zmod was still kicking up, then out of the blue she started. So that's solved. I've been told to download a number of different things. It's working, els finally started, and LCPDFR is a bit closer.
  5. LCPDFR/ELS problem + Zmodeler!

    Hey mate, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I have already downloaded them and still no luck with zmod.
  6. LCPDFR/ELS problem + Zmodeler!

    G'day, I've recently switched from my laptop, to a pc now. LCPDFR/ELS doesn't work. When I check installation, I receive these problems: Also, now I'm on windows 8.1, and when I go to open zmodeler, I receive this problem: I've downloaded .NET Framework 4: Full Profile, Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable & Games for Windows Live Redistributable 3, and no luck. Any ideas, please? Cheers. GTA problem: Zmodeler problem:
  7. Australian Emergency Thread

    The Fg for gta v - WIP: It's going to have a new, detailed interior. For now, it has jacobs. This is a brand new fg. It's not jacobs.
  8. Australian Emergency Thread

    I'm the one who textured it, converted it and got it in-game...where's my love???
  9. Alley Lights

    Thanks for the reply mate. Gave it a crack, no such luck. Rotated them to face the direction I wanted them to illuminate, and in-game it still faces forward.
  10. Australian Emergency Thread

    PD Tyson and his handler Heelers, targeting a trouble area in relation to burglaries, thefts from parked cars, anti social behaviour and people with nothing better to do, wondering the streets late at night. Alleys burning, high beams on, spot light takedowns active...I can see everything. Hope you don't stumble into the light beams... #bestbetuckedupinbed (the white windows WILL be transparent.)
  11. 3D Render Showroom

    Ah yeah. We'll I'm from oz, so we don't use bars like that haha. Even when we do, they're modified, so there not really like the US.
  12. 3D Render Showroom

    Looks sexy voodoo! That's a different looking light bar. Don't think I've seen that before.
  13. WIP Interior gear.

    Can PM it to you if you want?
  14. WIP Interior gear.

    Nope, not that high actually, haha. Alot less then you would think. I like detail :-) It's from me. Made a rough xts5000.

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