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  1. Silverado.... Redux

    Man she is sexy as hell xD.....
  2. Converting A special Vehicle

    Does anybody mind helping me convert a vehicle to gta v,if so i'll send you details etc on it...
  3. Whelen Liberty Lightbar

    Can someone please be willing to make a whelen liberty lightbar for the public to use....
  4. VineWood PD has some new vehicles.....

  5. ALLENjr12's Gallery

    Screenshots etc...
  6. VineWood PD has some new vehicles.....

    From the album ALLENjr12's Gallery

    Charger DUO....

    © ALLENjr12

  7. Almost Done!

    From the album ALLENjr12's Gallery

    Lights sponsored By:Bueno xD

    © ALLENjr12

  8. ALLENjr12's-[WIP]

  9. ALLENjr12's-[WIP]

    Cars That I am currently working on you can find them here ..........
  10. *Converting vehicles to GTA V*

    Here are the formats they are currently in..... -Ford f450 super duty----->LWO file -chevrolet avalanche------>3ds max file -international ambulance----->LWO file -ford expedition----->3ds file -ford escape----->3ds file -ford escape hybird----->MTL file and OBJ file and JP2 file -gmc sierra----->LWO file and LWS file -Ford f-150----->OBJ and 3ds
  11. *Converting vehicles to GTA V*

    Anyone willing to convert any of these vehicles to GTA V? -Ford f450 super duty -chevrolet avalanche -international ambulance -ford expedition -ford escape -gmc sierra If you want the model just send me a PM.....
  12. LSPD Units on standby

    From the album ALLENjr12's Gallery

    I wish I could release these.....

    © ALLENjr12

  13. *Whip Antenna Request*

    thankz again bueno

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