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  1. BCSO

    He isnt taking up for me but alright if you think he does
  2. W.I.P

  3. BCSO

    From the album W.I.P

  4. Traffic Unit

    From the album W.I.P

  5. LSPD

    From the album W.I.P

  6. VineWood PD has some new vehicles.....

    what 09 base?
  7. Tahoe

    From the album W.I.P

  8. Version 1.0.0


    Enjoy and please report any Bugs :D.Massive thx to BradM for the amazing skins.Charger and Tahoe has spotlights.If i miss someone im sorry.Please msg me so i can fix it.Have a nice day. Installation Models: Go to Mods>Update>x64>DLCPacks>Patchday14ng>dlc.rpf>x64>levels>gta5>vehicles.rpf and drag and drop the files. VCF:Grand Theft Auto V>ELS>pack_default Drag and drop. Do not rip,modify or upload it anywhere else.
  9. 2016 FPIU Park Police

    i like it what lightbar is it?
  10. [DEV/V]ProLaser iii [PROP]

    This is amazing.Thanks for sharing

    Version 1.0.0


    Its an older pack from me.Maybe someone can enjoy this Pack.There is no Spotlight and no takedown cause i dont like them.And i dont add them. Place the Models in your latest patchday.For the els files go into your els folder and replace them with my one.Masiive thanks to BradM for this amazing skin.Check his stuff out.Dont review bad cause you cant install it.Dont download if you dont know how to use..If i missed a Credits please message me.Also message me if you found a bug.Thanks and have fun.
  12. pls check your message :D

  13. 2015 LSPD Dodge Charger

    this looks amazing

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