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  1. Callouts Script

    So all online players will play as ploce force and pullover AI or respond to AI calls? Will there be Civillians to bring other roleplay experience? Cheers
  2. 5M

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    2. JJDawkins30


      omg the legend have returned all hail Policefanatic :wub:. how have you been sir. 

    3. Policefanatic


      Ha which legend? :D  Ive been good, thenk for asking.

    4. VooDoobie


      Yes, come back to the GTA community!!!

  3. Trooper Cooper.

  4. Five Gens

    Very nice.Me likey!
  5. CRPD Responding

    Is that rear wheel of the first charger in the air? Damn thats some pro cornering right there. Very nice cars
  6. Dodge this!

    From the album Police car mods

    Pic taken a while ago for my fellow comrade VooDoo.
  7. Police car mods

    Here you can see pics of all my police car mods I might release.
  8. 1995 Chevy Caprice IN ACTIVE SERVICE

    Very nice that they brought this very good looking Caprice back into duty.And if they keep maintaining it good it sure will last 5-10 years more.Then you probably got to overhaul the engine completley.
  9. Version


    2013 Ford Police Interceptor Utility This is the ONLY authorized release of this model. Any other release is not authorized by the original author. Meaning, Bugs does not have Policefanatic's (ME) permission to release at ALL. This model cannot be converted to another game without written permission from policefanatic. By downloading you agree to these terms. -Name: 2013 Ford Explorer -Version: EXP v1 -Light Bar: -Multiple Livereies: -Optimized for: polpatriot -Credits: UndercoverChicken/Policefanatic (see Additional Notes) -Mod Status: Open ADDITIONAL NOTES -this model supports mutiple liveries,only 1 skin in the .wtd -Model originally from 2012 NfS MW,extracted and converted by Policefanatic -edited and templated by BxBugs -Wheels by Bxbugs FILES INCLUDED -.wft -read me -EXP_template -Textures TERMS: This model is provided unlocked to the community as this was leaked by a member of the community and is now being shared with everyone. Do not convert to another game without the direct consent from I (Policefanatic/ThunderChicken/Undercover Chicken). By downloading this you agree to the stated terms! DONT REUPLOAD THE CAR ANYWHERE ELSE! **If YOU ARE BANNED FROM GMC, YOU HAVE NO PERMISSION USING THIS UNLOCKED PART.** **MEMBERS CAUGHT GIVING CONTENT TO MEMBERS WHO ARE BANNED WILL ALSO BE BANNED**
  10. Good Ebola here!Buy 1 now and get 2. for free!

    1. TGM


      Sounds like a good deal!

    2. Policefanatic


      No refunds.You get 3rd for half prize.

  11. Civil car mods

    Here I will show my civil mods

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