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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hello and Thank you For Downloading this DEV part. I hope it helps give more depth to your project. I have left the part in a somewhat big state in regards to texturing to hopefully make it easier for anyone that wants to remove certain parts that they do not want. This DOES NOT COME with a uv map template. It is left like this so you may add it to your truck project or uv map it as you choose to want it. Rules- You may NOT UPLOAD this to any other Website in a UNLOCKED State. You may use this for a project of your own however it is to remain locked. You may Use This OUTSIDE of GTA V This Model is provided to you AS IS, as in I will not be fixing/adjusting adding to it. Its unlocked to give you the freedom to tweak it to your liking. Please provide the below credits in you're upload. This was made by someone and converted by me to GTA 5. Least that could be done is give credit to the person for taking the time to create this. Thank you and Enjoy! SoCal Thero Credits: Camper Shell: -3d Model Created by "None" -Object Textured by "Thero" -Object Converted to GTA 5 by "Thero"
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Hey Everyone, I bring to you a 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Slicktop with a "Loveland Police" like theme/livery to the vehicle. Thank you for taking the time for downloading and soon to be (If you haven't already) installing my 2017 Slicktop F-150 Raptor. This truck was created for a 100 Subscriber (Yea its Sad I know LOL) Special LSPDFR Episode on my YouTube Channel and as I promised to the Subscribers/viewers I said that I would make a vehicle that I was able to release for everyone to use. Thank you again Everyone for Viewing/Downloading this Model and also to the subscribers for making all this possible. I didn't think I would see a subscriber count past 10 (and mostly my IRL friends/family), but to be at 100 Subscribers already really means a lot to me and I really hope this truck being released means a lot to you as well as the community to enjoy. If you find any bugs/glitches with it PLEASE LEAVE THEM IN THE COMMENTS SECTION so I can address them. -Thanks- SoCal Thero

    Beautiful work as always my man
  4. [DEV] Garmin Navigation [GTA 5]

    You're Welcome.
  5. Version 2.0


    Hey Everyone, Decided to make this for my taxi model to add some more realism to the game and the overall feel in the car (Lets face it, Cab drivers don't know everywhere in town). It's not in the best model but it was all made in Zmodeler so it wasn't exactly easy to make as well. I know some touch ups could be made but they don't bother me as much. -With that being said here is the release version for others to use in there vehicles as they like. -YOU DO NOT Have Permission to Upload this to another site or claim it as your own. -However you may add it to any vehicle models you create but are require to use the credits below releasing the model. -Credits- -Garmin Navigation created from scratched and textured by Thero
  6. [DEV/V] 2013-14 Interceptor Utility Mesh Grille

    Very nicely done
  7. Liberty Police - 4k Skin Pack [REL]

    This is one beautiful pack that you have created

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