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  1. Broker Municipal Police Force - Station 1 Parking

  2. My first car

    Golf is love, Golf is life. Epic work.
  3. It's done !

  4. BRAVO'S 10 Cent Rant

    Its true what he says and I fully agree with him.
  5. hell march

  6. Because perfection isn't enough

    From the album KevinDV's projects

    Who said reflective liveries wasn't possible?
  7. VW Golf Mk7 GTI - SAPS / UPDATE 1

    Thanks. Uh, the Territory I haven't touched on for months. I was planning to hand over the Aussie version to Ekalb to finish but I still haven't gotten to that either. He might've mentioned it in the past, but I might remodel it decently this time round.
  8. VW Golf Mk7 GTI - SAPS / UPDATE 1

    From the album KevinDV's projects

    I've been limited on time lately but I have managed to overhaul the lightbar as well as model the LoJack antenna setup accurately. There are a few more touches to be made but I'm almost finished with it. I'll post another update once I've added the other lighting and equipment.
  9. Arrow Board

    I dig.
  10. 2010 LAPD Chevy Impala PPV

    Thanks for not crediting me for my lightbar.
  11. The lights finally work!

    Indeed, especially since its in use here too. =D
  12. The lights finally work!

    Dat livery.
  13. Well, that didn't go as planned...

    The lightbar would look way better if you gave those LED textures below the blue lenses a blue tint.
  14. The finishing touch

    Oi, the reflectors in your rear bumper are also painted. Nice job overall though, especially for someone starting off.

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