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  1. LASD Dodge Charger.

    From the album Allaboutk9's Photos

    © Allaboutk9

    1. Andrew


      HEY i saw you comment on an instagram post about NHP's 2015 FPIU. Yall two were going at it


    2. Aj Zamora

      Aj Zamora

      lol yes we were. We dicussed it in a PM and we figured it out.

  2. Throw Back: San Diego County Sheriff Orders new 04' Crown Vics

    I would do it again.
  3. Throw Back: San Diego County Sheriff Orders new 04' Crown Vics

    Oh well. and i said don't mind the flex fuel error.......
  4. Throw Back: San Diego County Sheriff Orders new 04' Crown Vics

    Trim or something like that?
  5. From the album Allaboutk9's Photos

    San Diego County Sheriff orders 04' Crown VIcs, this is the first set of cars out of the 200 Cars they ordered. (Don't Mind the Flex Fuel Error)

    © Allaboutk9

  6. [REQ] FPIU Mirror beams.

    Yeah i have been doing that for months now, i was just wondering if people could make me one or point me where one is. No, its a whole differnet mirror, Ford makes it, its also on the 2016 FPIU I have been.
  7. Oh please people, lets enjoy this model!
  8. [REQ] FPIU Mirror beams.

    I was wondering if anyone could make or point me towards these mirror beams made for a Ford Explorer, Since i suck at scratch modeling i count never make them. Phots:
  9. Well i am sorry, when i did the comment i was typing, and i hit ''Submit Review'' his comment came up, and i left mine because it had a picture. As i feel as you should pass the car off as the correct year, and when CJ24's ''2008'' CVPI was released these kind of interiors were not popular, but now that we have them. So please stop getting mad after i was giving you constructivism criticis. If you would like to dicuss more, please PM me.
  10. woah bud, no need to come off rude, i wasn't trying to be rude, but you should not call it a '2011'' when it has a 2005 Dash, your models looks great, i just notice that, a lot of people pass the CVPI as a 2011.

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