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  1. (o)(o)

    ( . )( . )
  2. Sandy Shores Police Department

    Owned by Dodge
  3. 2016 FPIU WIP

    Too many lights...
  4. GTAIV 2016 04 08 17 23 52 31

    GTA V
  5. 1994 Mazda Miata [NA]

  6. 2010 Chevy Tahoe WIP

    I was on his stream and I can confirm he ripped it from BxBergs684, XXXXXX
  7. Tahoe 2008

    He already did the model, he just needs to edit it
  8. Three's A Crowd

    But those black lines make it look cartoony : ^)
  9. Be Seen. Be Powerful.

    Cool shidd mate!
  10. Sharing a laugh

    Shhh it's awesome
  11. ENB Help/Suggestions

    Lol are you going to ask about the lights forever? : ^) There's no way to disable that since it's part of the shaders. And for brightness try messing ingame, press Shift+Enter to enter setup. Otherwise I remember Fabriciuz giving advice in the gta4-mods' comments.
  12. GTA V PC Seperate Modded Folder

    Not for me, I use a Launcher that with one click enables scripts or disables them. https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/gta-launcherFor example, but there are many more.
  13. GTA V PC Seperate Modded Folder

    Or you can just make a "mods" folder like it's told on OpenIV's site and no need to get thru all this hassle

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