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  1. Model Research

    The information is quite old that I gathered before model editing was fully possible. If you're looking for help on understanding the V format then I highly suggest taking a visit to the zmodeler 3 website. http://forum.zmodeler3.com/viewforum.php?f=31&sid=7ae1a9c31f2d23530d362cdfe0954105 Hopefully, GIMs EVO for V will be released soon. http://gtaforums.com/topic/836266-vrel-gims-evo-for-gta-v/
  2. I Like Killing People

    From the album GTA V

  3. This is the Zodiac Speaking

    From the album GTA V

  4. When are the new Ramadan banners going to be in rotation? Anyways, Ramadan Kareem!

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    2. Mustu


      Allahuakbar ya habibis.

    3. trewq34


      Ramadan Kareem to all. Enjoy eating your bacon :)

    4. TGM
  5. Go ahead Bravo, make a new status. You know you want to.

    1. TGM


      We have 52 pages of shitposts. Keep em coming Boron.

    2. trewq34


      Thank you for calling Borvo Statuses, unfortunately we are currently closed. Please call back between the hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, or leave a message after the tone

    3. SNIT


      HAHAHAHA This is fucking gold.

  6. 1993-95 Toyota Corolla

    *********** 1995 Toyota Corolla NZ New $1 Reserve Auction! $1 RESERVE!!! *********** $Cash4Cars$Cash4Cars$
  7. Happy Birthday to Casey, he's ONE FUNNY GUY.

    1. trewq34


      InshaAllah may Allah bless Osama bin Sakli on this blessed day

    2. TGM


      ellehu ekber XD happy birthday to the big egghead himself

    3. TGM


      forgot to mention the girls love him because he is a SEXY man

  8. Don't criticize my mods,

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    2. EVI


      You've just closed your mind, Ooh, ooh, ooh, oooh, You don't realize, I just want what is right, still you say criticize

    3. TGM


      Now can't we talk this over

      'Cause your st ain't right

      We can make make my ego bigger

      You don't have suck up to me twice

    4. Sgt. Kekkles
  9. Ride wit me through the journey of more success. Bless Up. 100 100 wun hunna

  10. caprice hub caps

    Australia is apart of the Daesh Caliphate, specifically the Australian Province.
  11. New ENB

    ENB suggestions?
  12. This could have been handled via private message to a moderator.

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