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  1. '56 Ford F100

  2. '56 Ford F100

  3. GTA V

  4. '56 Ford F100

    From the album GTA V

    4k Uncompressed version: https://flic.kr/p/26Y7zVK
  5. Enjoying a day off.

    From the album GTA V

  6. GTA5 2018-04-28 08-43-23-44.jpg

    You should try giving your images titles like "2010 Chevrolet Impala" or "Traffic enforcement unit" to make it unique and appealing.
  7. GeorgieMoon's endless amount of projects.

    Update 4/28/18. Headlight is completed and I made the bumper 'blend' more.
  8. A Day At The Beach

    Welcome back!
  9. GeorgieMoon's endless amount of projects.

    Update 4/26/18. I formatted and used blueprints on this project to ensure that everything is scaled to size perfectly. The grill really stressed me out but was worth all the time, I wanted to make sure it looked like it actually belonged on the car instead of just slapping a grill found in the DEV parts onto a bumper and calling it done.
  10. GeorgieMoon's endless amount of projects.

    Update 4/26/18. I've been enjoying the warm weather and celebrating my birthday for a couple days but back to work I go. I made a new bumper and hood and have done some work on the undercarriage of the FPIS. Perfecting normal's and adding small details like a 3D grill in the side marker took up a large part of my day. I plan to create a full 3D undercarriage and engine if time allows and to the best of my ability.
  11. BCSO

  12. Follow my new thread for updates on my projects!

  13. Instead of cramming up the status updates with all of my projects and 3D models I've decided to finally make a thread to post everything. I put plenty of time into this so be patient with me. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to modeling and creating mods. Current projects: 2018' Spec Tahoe PPV Months of work was put into this vehicle and it still isn't completed. This car features custom made diffuse, normal, and specular textures for nearly every part. I still have a lot of "stitch" work to do around the leather seams, on top of completing the taillights and other interior markings. 2017' Spec Police Interceptor Sedan This project was just started recently so not nearly as much progress as other cars in the fleet. I've custom made a new bumper and trunk on top of new taillights and reverse lights. I've also retrofitted higher poly door handles, mirrors, sidemarkers, and other misc. details. Work on the front bumper and grill started today. I plan to create custom textures for this model also. 2015 Ford Explorer (FPIU) Something I started working on months before the Tahoe. I've gone ahead and remade parts of the car that I saw were lacking detail. I have also recalculated normals on the entire car since there were plenty of issues with edges showing white and distorted in-game (Desmond98 also encountered this on his explorer). This project still requires a lot of work. Future projects: 2018 Ford Explorer (FPIU) 2011 Crown Victoria 2014 Tahoe (This project of mine is already converted and in-game but requires a little TLC) Reference Gallery for in-game completed projects.
  14. AWD Buffalo?

    From the album GTA V

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