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  1. My first day on vacation started with an ambulance trip to the hospital and leaving with a pair of crutches.:mellow:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. VooDoo


      Damn! I hope everything is okay. 

    3. GeorgieMoon


      Thanks everyone, i’ve been recovering in bed & feeling much better.

    4. Faracus


      Man you get a vacation, I wish I could! Hope it's nothing too serious.

  2. anyone got a "decent" 17 silverado model? im bored and i think they are pretty

  3. [Non ELS] All Blue 2011 CVPI

  4. Wish I had the motivation to mod like I used to :/

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    2. jewct203


      have you tried viagra or cialas


    3. VooDoo
    4. Mustu


      I kinda quit altogether lol. Not fun anymore. Outside GMC the community is toxic.

  5. Happy Birthday GMC!

    Happy birthday GMC, i'm so glad to be a part of this site!
  6. Surpassed 2 feet of snow with another expected 6-12 coming my way... what an day

    1. VooDoo


      Shew! Bunker down my friend! Be safe and stay warm!

    2. GeorgieMoon


      Well the storm finished, dumping about 30 inches in my town. Digging out was not fun at all..

    3. jewct203


      6-12 coming my way ;)

  7. Make it active once again :)

    yeah i'm basically dead
  8. Sunset

  9. 2013/14 Chevrolet Tahoe.

    From the album Jorge Sun

    Model Features: - Full LOD system 1-4 - Full 3D interior, 3D door sills - Full 3D Engine and bay/sill - Accurate recreated headlights - Working dials and interior lights - Air Freshener (Moves with vehicle) - Front & Rear side markers - Accurate mirror reflections - Multi livery support & HD Dirt mapping. - Window & Body template Model Overview: - Model creator Shady311 - 3D Parts by TheCrew - Model Edited & Converted to V by GeorgieMoon
  10. New Beginnings.

    From the album Jorge Sun

    Model overview/features coming soon.

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