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  1. Is LCPD retiring their Crown Victorias?

    or be killed by ford
  2. Firefighters shit


    From the album Firefighters shit

    Coming back to for one last pack in IV

    © fuck it idc

  4. Nekk lvl Voodoo Modelling

    wow voodoo u only have 6mb of ram
  5. New features on vehicles

    u can put boats on but its hard as shit. scripting will be hard as gta online has pay to win style stuff so most likely scripting will take awhile{thinking back to an update to IV that just fixed spelling and patched so scripthook was useless for about 2 weeks.. but there was no pay to win back then so it will be harder this time.. and i bet if u read the fine print when pc comes out i bet there's a agreement if u play the game u expect the agreement and can be banned if u use hacking and u cant do nothing about it.. i just dont know what they will use for severs only logical thing will be steam but who knows
  6. Version 1.4


    -- VIDEO HERE -- - NAME:F-150 SERVICE TRUCK - VERSION: 1.4 - LIGHT BAR: Whelen EDGE - INTERIOR: N/A - PUSHBAR: no - OTHER EQUIPMENT: N/A - EXTRA PARTS: N/A - MULTIPLE LIVERIES: yes - SKINS: YES - OPTIMIZED FOR: ANY TRUCK - CREDITS: SnH Firefighter (see Additional Notes) - MOD STATUS: OPEN ADDITIONAL NOTES - Model from Driver: San Francisco converted to GTA SA by Don Anvem, edited and converted to GTA IV by EVI. - Head lights, tail lights by EVI - Rims by SQUIR - Whelen EDGE By BxBugs123 - Brush-Guard By GFXLE - Headache Rack and toolbox By GFXLE

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