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    The closest that I have found is a BMW R1150rt available here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/pack-bmw I personally use it as a New South Wales Police Force bike, and I expect I will be using it for a long time before something more accurate comes out. It's probably the best you'll get for now.
  2. Australian Emergency Thread

    As this is an Australian thread, it's only natural that we acknowledge ANZAC day. The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps that landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula during the First World War led to the formation of one day a year, specially dedicated to honouring, remembering and gratitude of all of those who have served the Commonwealth of Australia with dignity and national pride. As a Law Enforcement and Emergency Services-based community, I am confident most, if not, all, of those who consider themselves a member of this community can show their respect and humbleness to the brave men and women who so gracefully protect this great country of ours. Australian's... we're not like other nationalities, we're not here to prove how bigger and better we are. We stand here together, hand-in-hand, sharing the unspoken bond all Australians have; mateship. We, like many cultures, set aside this day to take off our hats and reflect upon those who serve to protect us, and, in some cases, given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.
  3. Australian Emergency Thread

    The first one I went around and changed the passwords to all my accounts to make them more secure, but silly me forgot what that new password was (including my email, so I couldn't reset and I was signed out so I couldn't tell anyone). The second one I forgot I set up because I moved over to a new computer about a month later and it totally slipped my mind since I haven't been on in ages. I'd imagine you've already deleted or merged them in the ACP, and I don't care what you do with them. And yes, I know its against the ToS, but my intention wasn't to violate the ToS, it was to be able to engage with people on this website.
  4. Australian Emergency Thread

    Both man
  5. Aviation Simulation Group

    I also enjoy Flight Simulation (and Aviation in general) too. Generally, I use FSX: Acceleration too, often to fly a varied range of aircraft. When I feel like going for a short flight, I'll use a small aircraft and just "see the sights," however, when I have some time to kill, I love to use jets. Taking the time to set-up flight paths, (scheduling in some errors in the system before I take off to make things interesting) and utilizing the time to taxi, set-up the cabin, etc. Usually, when flying with the jets I either fly a commercial jet (usually Qantas), or I fly a RAAF aircraft (Royal Australian Air Force) and do made-up "secret missions" like flying at very high altitudes, and turning off some of the plane lights to go into "enemy territory." Additionally, I love to mix it up, making the flight as difficult as possible to really push myself with difficult weather, remote locations, etc. In real life, I've had somewhat experience flying, although I don't have my Flying Licence, I have flown with an instructor in a Jabiru light aircraft in the pilot seat.
  6. Australian Emergency Thread

    *"That's a result of the NSW education curriculum; I'm sorry, but not everyone uses correct grammar and spelling." LOL- I actually don't really care about your spelling and grammar, I just wanted to say hello to everyone; Hello everyone!

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