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  1. High quality 2013 Ford explorer

    Pretty sure it still has the interior from IV tho.
  2. Slicktop

    From the album Working the streets

  3. Command Cabinet

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello Peeps. Welp this is my first time using 3ds max so don't expect do have some perfect model. I will be leaving this as is and I thought I would release it if one person wants it. Please for the life of me put something in the bin like a med bag looks plain as is, and I do not know how to model a Med bag or anything as of yet. I am going to be attaching a video where you can watch it. Please bare two things in mind, it's not the whole video because the song could only go for so long and I only started to record it mid way. Nonetheless feel free to critique my 3d modeling skills but also understand I really don't care for the sole reason this is my first ever model first ever time using the program (hence why in the video I searched up how to do xxx)
  4. Version 1.0.0


  5. She's done!

    From the album Working the streets

  6. She's done!

    From the album Working the streets

  7. New carrrrrrr

    From the album Working the streets

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