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  1. MY W.I.P

  2. But dat impala doe

    From the album MY W.I.P

  3. we all love something right

    From the album MY W.I.P

  4. I'm back

    From the album MY W.I.P

  5. soundoff nroads

  6. im having a problem to where i cant download any mods can you help?.

  7. i have an issue with the legend pack i go to dlc.pack and i have no "MODDING" folder help!!!

    1. cb1753


      You have to have Albos DLC Pack V installed and have a mods folder made for gta5

    2. CaptConfuzed


      You can get the Modding DLC here:  https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/15317-modding-dlc-pack-v/

      If you struggle, I can try to help you.

  8. Los Santos County Sheriff Department Pack

    o that skin was made by my buddy @FlasH5569
  9. like you knew

    From the album MY W.I.P

  10. Make your own roads.

    JUST WOOOW MOON now this is just crazy Good #Respect
  11. State Trooper W.I.P

  12. I'm feeling this Charger

    From the album State Trooper W.I.P

  13. W.I.P PACKS

  14. my baby

    From the album W.I.P PACKS

  15. I see you're still adding vehicles to your new pack. If I might make a suggestion, could you add a Caprice with a push bar. I know I'm beating an old horse, but its nice to have (wrap-around useful too) simulated because of all the pursuits we get into. Of course, not having it makes chases more challenging. You can't ram away.

    1. TheRecluseGamer


      Ranger61 that is something YOU can easily make in Zmodeler.

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