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    Yo what's good errbody, I'm Dawkins 30 years of age, Just got into modding but came from texturing i ain't gonna say that i'm the best but i get the job done...I'm from the Lou, Ballgame season... and no i'm not in a damn gang..But i do and have BATTLEFIELD 4 Squad that's hella deep "PAUSE" but i'm a gamer that's it.

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  1. True to dat all blue

    From the album MY W.I.P

  2. Ooo Baby

    From the album MY W.I.P

    adding the antennas as we speak
  3. Dreamgirls

    From the album MY W.I.P

  4. Hate to do this, but JJ could you possibly message me? I tried to send you one but it didnt go through. Thanks man

  5. yelp

    From the album MY W.I.P


    hecky yeah i can do that but i have to do some research on that car but if you have some pictures i can look at Pm me so i can get started on that
  7.   Hey, not trying to bother you or anything, but is there still a place where I can download your LSSD Mini Mega Pack? I just recently saw pictures of your models and I think they are amazing. I tried to find a place to download them, but I couldn't find them anywhere. I would really like to use them for LSPDFR. If you still have them, or if they are somewhere on the internet I did not look, I would really like to download them. Just to reiterate, I am not trying to bug you or anything like that, I would just like to use those amazing looking vehicles. Thanks.

  8. SMILE for the camera..........

    I SEE you @ALLENjr12 dang she look good
  9. Hey brother, I don't mean to be a bother or anything, however, I was just curious to find out if you planned on releasing your Richland County "Live PD" Pack at all? The reason for my curiosity is because the community in which I help manage has based the sheriff's department off of Richland county and someone brought your pack up to me so I figured why not ask about it.  If it ever does get released or if you decide that you may want to allow certain people the rights to use the pack I would love to speak to you about it and possibly get permission to use it on our GTA Server. Mind you all vehicles are streamed and nobody in the community has access to them with the exception of myself and two others. I appreciate your time and look forward to speaking with you.


    1. Ranger61


      I've been kind of thinking the same thing, just perhaps more LivePD departments than Richland. There is this killer 2017 Charger with H2siderunners that is on there alot. I already use JJ's 2015 Tahoe because it looks close to K9 "Flex" ride.

    2. JJDawkins30


      i'm over here like "what are these guys talking about"?..lol but about that pack i would have to find that pack in my folder, i got pissed off at a episode that they did that i thought that was not right now the Sheriffs in so i stopped making the pack but i would never have a problem with anybody use my models i make them for you guys.

    3. H0LLYW00D


      If you ever find it I know you’d make quite a large group of people pretty happy to say the least! 

  10. LSPD Mega Pack #2 W.I.P

    thank you guys so much i just had to take a small break to find my passion for this again, but it is good to be back at it again Much luv to you guys for liking my work
  11. Hey Dawkins I am using one of your old packs and I lost most of the files for it? Is there a place where I can download old packs?

  12. LSPD Mega Pack #2 W.I.P

    i'm making the 16 Explorer slicktop with a pushbar and a piss ton of lights. i'm gonna try and do this pack right so there will be 2 version that get released a unmarked verizon and Marked that should hold you guys off for a few month until i can think of something else to make for you guys
  13. LSPD Mega Pack #2 W.I.P

    From the album 2018 LSPD Mega Pack

  14. 2018 LSPD Mega Pack

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