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    Yo what's good errbody, I'm Dawkins 30 years of age, Just got into modding but came from texturing i ain't gonna say that i'm the best but i get the job done...I'm from the Lou, Ballgame season... and no i'm not in a damn gang..But i do and have BATTLEFIELD 4 Squad that's hella deep "PAUSE" but i'm a gamer that's it.

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  1. Well Damn

    From the album MY W.I.P

    Credits To @VooDoo & @Bueno for the help and love you guys have been shown me to make this small project possible. Base model is by the hurk
  2. MY W.I.P

  3. #NoNameSet

    From the album MY W.I.P

    Skins Done By NoNamSet
  4. The gta 5 mods lspd mini pack

    okay first what you need to do is get a super big usb card something that can hold like gta V then you would have to get the scripts for it and last but not least you would need to code the whole thing for ps3. I hope that helps you out and if you get that to work you will be the first to do so... Good Luck Buddy
  5. Dat ass Is Minds!!!!.lmao

    From the album MY W.I.P

  6. (DEV) SoundOff nFORCE Interior Package

    how could you bro... damn i thank you so so much for making this for us. You are a GOD..
  7. My Sheriff Pack

  8. That's 3

  9. Paleto Bay Mini Pack

    hey @FlasH5569 i would like to use your grapedseed skin tomorrow if you don't mind cause i have another pack that i want to let go also.. and thank brother always good to see your comments..
  10. Paleto Bay Mini Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    Paleto Bay Mini Pack Well i wanted to release these models to you guys cause i had them done and it was no need to hold on to them so here you guys go.. If you find any bugs please pm me and let me know of the problem so i can get that fixed and back out to the community... Thank you guys for all the love and support you have shown me over the past few months it have been a blessing to me. So i thank you guys so much.. ------------------------------------------------------------------ SKIN I USED FOR THIS PACK WAS BY THE GREAT @MrOxPlay ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----Credits for the models I used. 2011 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor -Credits • Model is Ford Crown Victoria from Driver SF, converted to GTA IV by F5544, modified by KevinDV, Cj24, & OfficerUnderwood • Wheels from NFS:MW and converted by trewq34, Textures by GreenAid • Interior Parts by Ubisoft, modified by OfficerUnderwood • Door Handles by Lundy • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016 TAURUS -Credits 2010 Ford Taurus SHO by Turn 10 Studios, modified into 2016 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor by OfficerUnderwood Rear bumper, headlamps, & dash by be fast, modified by OfficerUnderwood & Carper Front bumper by Ridgerunner, Grill by Vertex3D, modified by OfficerUnderwood Chassis parts by Ubisoft, Reverse lights by OfficerUnderwood Rims by BxBugs123, Centercap by Carper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014 DODGE CHARGER CREDITS: Bxbugs123/Trooper Dashie Additional Credits -2014 dodge charger from Real Racing 3, Converted to IV By GeorgieMoon, Converted & Modified for GTA V by bxbugs123 & Carper -Headlights, talights,Interior,Grill from Forza, fitted, modified, textured & converted for GTA V by Bxbugs123 -Headlight, taillight & interior Textures Remade by Carper & Bxbugs123 -Chassis L2,s & L3's modeled, converted & textured for GTA V by BxBugs123 -Rim by Gerrt Studio Modified, Converted & Textured For GTA V by Bxbugs123 -Spotlight & textures by bxbugs123 -Rockwell Collins Laptop - Rockwell Collins Laptop Made & Converted by Bxbugs123 Textures By Bxbugs123 & DoTTGaMMa Thank you Bxbugs for letting us use your model I do thank you.. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. BCSO Mini texture pack

    man its good to see your name here buddy welcome to the awesome site buddy.. I love this skin and i have to get these templates out so we can have more done by you
  12. So i'm finally starting on this Chicago Pack

    From the album MY W.I.P

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