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    Yo what's good errbody, I'm Dawkins 30 years of age, Just got into modding but came from texturing i ain't gonna say that i'm the best but i get the job done...I'm from the Lou, Ballgame season... and no i'm not in a damn gang..But i do and have BATTLEFIELD 4 Squad that's hella deep "PAUSE" but i'm a gamer that's it.

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  1. 3206's unit and K-9 Hacker

    now this is my favorite tahoe you made i watch your video you did also..I wish you nothing but the best
  2. Not today SON

    From the album MY W.I.P

  3. For you

    From the album MY W.I.P

  4. will come

    From the album MY W.I.P

  5. red & blue

    From the album MY W.I.P

  6. Season is in Bois

    From the album MY W.I.P

  7. Squad #1

    From the album MY W.I.P

  8. you Shall not Pass

    From the album MY W.I.P

  9. True 2013 Tahoe Looking Hella Good

    From the album MY W.I.P

  10. twins

    From the album MY W.I.P

  11. 3206 new 2013 Slicktop K-9 Tahoe

    whats new about this tahoe
  12. Live PD Richland Theme

    From the album My Sheriff Pack

    Well that's 1 model Done
  13. My Sheriff Pack

  14. NO MERCY

    From the album MY W.I.P

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