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  1. From the album t0y's Projects

    © t0y

  2. From the album t0y's Projects

    Coming soon...

    © t0y

  3. From the album t0y's Projects

    So... I was revising my Paleto Bay Police Department B/W pack, and I decided to add hubcaps but I thought the livery worked off, so I ended up redoing the whole interior, redoing the emissives, and adding hubcaps, and then changing the livery. This pack will include several more vehicles most with the Freedom and some with a Liberty. I've literally never used hubcaps before too, so don't violate if I did something wrong.

    © t0y

  4. From the album t0y's Projects

    © t0y

  5. From the album t0y's Projects

    © t0y

  6. Thanks, haha
  7. From the album t0y's Projects

    Screenshots by Slendis (R/B Lightbar glass looks like insanely red in the bottom screenshots, dont know why it isn't that see through in game probably R* editor)

    © t0y, Slendis

  8. https://gyazo.com/e4f79fb5b181db8d57a21c7e8c0ef660 There's a better pictures. The PRPD uses like no lighting besides the lightbar except on the new FPIS' so I guess it's for side visibility.
  9. Oh, that's on all the cars. IRL Peel Regional, Toronto, and a few other Canadian departments use them. They are reflective I believe, so at night the outline of the cop car is visible. Not 100% sure the purpose, but that's what they do.
  10. The line? Or Column? Idk, you're going to have to be more specific.
  11. From the album t0y's Projects

    Screenshots by Slendis

    © t0y, Slendis

  12. From the album t0y's Projects


    © t0y, Slendis

  13. Oooh can you send some of the back please
  14. Oh ok lol, I wish there were better pics. All the pictures I find on flickr/pcw are from the front or from bad angles.
  15. Hmm... Ok I'm going to try to find some other pictures, was almost sure it was a Solaris ILS.

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