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    Rightttttttt. I should delete it
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    Special thanks for to all of the CoolKids members for helping out with reference images, suggestions, etc. Light bar couldn't have been as accurate as it is without their help. The Valor will be updated here soon with a 55 inch version, as well as hot feet and mounts for it. For now it's how it is in the screens until I finish everything else for it and update it. Feel free to convert to whatever game you wish, I don't care if you use it for Farming Sim, Euro Truck, etc. I just request I receive the proper credits for the model regardless of where you use it. You WILL need to do your own LODS, COL, etc for the bar and set up your own pattern when you use it. If there are any issues you may notice with the light bar feel free to message me and I'll see what I can do to fix it

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