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  1. BCSO

    @JJDawkins30 here is some new ones for your pack brother.
  2. BCSO

    Version 1.0.0


    BASED ON GREGG COUNTY TEXAS SHERIFF'S OFFICE, BUT MADE LORE FRIENDLY. ANY INPUT OR COMMENTS ARE WELCOMED. The vehicles used are the LSPD vehicles from the following pack linked below. Huge shout out to my brother @jjdawkins30. I appreciate you letting me use your vehicles brother. Looking forward to more from you. Vehicles can be found here:
  3. Los Santos County Sheriff Department Pack

    @TrooperRed here is the link to the skin https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/16635-san-andreas-state-trooper/
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I created this livery pack based off of Nebraska State Police, but made it lore friendly because...Well that's how I like it! If you have any suggestions or comments please share them. This pack includes liveries for all of the vehicles in the pack listed below. Shout out to @JJDawkins30 for making these beauties!! This pack was created for JJ Dawkins newest Pack found here:
  5. My Pride a Joy 2015 Tahoe

    Hold up is that a LEGACY on that!!!!!!! mmmmmmmyyyyyy brotha!!!!!!!!!
  6. Silverado.... Redux

    Damnnnn....That is All
  7. Last ELS Pack

    I'm doing good brother just switched jobs, back in the oilfield. You'll always be family to me bro. Question is how the hell you been?
  8. Last ELS Pack

    That's A lot of BOOOOOOBS there. Jeez someone might as well have taken me to a topless beach. Lit Titties brother!!
  9. I'm really loving how this models is turning out

  10. Just Nice And simple

    @JJDawkins30 the community isn’t the same without you models brother!!! Glad to see you are still doing you. Can’t wait though
  11. S.A.P (O.P.P THEME) PACK

    Anyone got an extinguisher??? We gotta put this guy out because he is on fire!! Awesome as always brother, keep it up.
  12. Theme

    Don't do it to them Dawkins!!!!!!!!!! Nah, forget it. Just go on and do it!!!!!!

    For realllllllll!!!!
  14. Burrrrr

    one of each please and thank you
  15. GTA5 2017-09-21 15-01-42-606.jpg

    No problem brother you know anything I can do to help you I got your back

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