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  1. SMILE for the camera..........

    This model looks so good!!
  2. Hey Dawkins I am using one of your old packs and I lost most of the files for it? Is there a place where I can download old packs?

  3. LSPD Mega Pack #2 W.I.P

    YES YES YES YES YES AND MORE YES!! My FAV MODLER IS FREAKING BACK! Thanks you so much for your time and effort!!
  4. GTA5 2018-01-02 14-19-22-597.jpg

    wait? i can have the pack??? there so nice @JJDawkins30
  5. GTA5 2018-01-02 14-19-22-597.jpg

    bro this car is so pretty!!!!!
  6. Los Santos PD Pack W.I.P

  7. @JJDawkins30 So we are using two of you car packs in my server and we are making a bomb website ( ergroleplay.com )

    and we want to create a credits page to people that made the cars so how do we properly credit you for your amazing work? 

    1. JJDawkins30


      well just my in the credit for the models is all i ask buddy i'm not big on fully crediting me for my work but when people take my models and not credit me that's just not right. But whatever you guy like to put is okay with me


    2. cb1753


      Okay i got you man! and do you have a place where i can download some of your old stuff? You made some sick cars lol 

  8. @JJDawkins30 Using your cars on my newest server!! Everybody is freaking loving them! Thanks for being the best modeler!

    1. JJDawkins30


      np buddy i just like making them



    Have you ever worked with non-els dawkins?? because you would make the sickest non-els cars!!
  10. S.A.P (O.P.P THEME) PACK

    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Love this like everything else you make!
  11. Squad

    Dang me and my community love your cars there amazing!! And keep up the good work you make some awesome and beautiful cars
  12. Squad

    WHEN is this coming!!! I WANT!!!
  13. My Sheriff Pack

    wonder when this will be released??
  14. Woow Stop it Dawkins

    are you ever going to release new packs or anything? I freaking love your work and I would love to use your stuff.

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