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  1. Dude your an awesome person!!!! Can not wait for these!!!
  2. Make your own roads.

    Moon you did it again!! It looks freaking amazing ! Great job
  3. I'm feeling this Charger

    OH YES!! Please need this lol
  4. 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV

    MOON!! Looking freaking amazing ! Can’t wait!
  5. my baby

    Yes !! Love that code 3 bar !!
  6. Crown Vic Devoplment

    https://gyazo.com/4241c377f38499999cb7d277e200b808 AS OF 5/22/18 I have all the lights converted and in the car!
  7. Hey all of GMC! I am happy to announce I am working on my first car and hoping it will turn out well ! Will post updates as soon as I get stuff converted and looking good!
  8. Working on my first crown vic will post updates soon but converting stuff from gta4 and hoping it will work lol


  9. Los Santos MEGA Pack+ADDON DLC

    OKAY WHAT???? Have not had the chance to test these out but DAWKINS!! These cars look amazing THANKS YOU! You are the A 1
  10. 3 down

    These are amazing ! Dawkins rules
  11. new look

    Looking amazing Dawkins!!! Can not wait for the release. Would love to have this in my fleet!
  12. New Staff Members!

    I am interested in development staff!
  13. '56 Ford F100

    Woah !! Looking good Moon! Something different?
  14. Last ELS Pack

    Looking amazing Dawkins Can not wait for its release! Your amazing!!!!
  15. I'm really loving how this models is turning out


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