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  1. Tahoe tire size

    You have to scale down in Zmod collisions of the wheels in order to have smaller tires
  2. Pursuit Rated.

  3. High quality 2013 Ford explorer

    It would be nice!
  4. Snow White.

    Just WOW !
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Hi guys ! I'm glad to present you a Lore-friendly LASD 2016 Ford Interceptor Utility. HANDLING META for the vehicle is included. All credits and metas are in the pack. It's forbidden to crack and open the yft. Feel free to use it on Five-M or whatever, it's a non-els model. At the moment, I've not planned to make an ELS version. This vehicle was an exclusive car of the server Law Enforcement (French FiveM server). This an exclusivity GMC, do not reupload.
  6. Unrecognizable.

    Awesome !

  8. "Corrupt game data" error

    Hello ! I'm actually working on a LSPD Ford Taurus and I'm blocked. I searched into forums but despite a solution including the adjustment of the base's value (a solution that i've applied), I haven't found anything.( Regarding to the base's value adjustment, I apply a value to test but the box "User defined Option" still unticked despite I tick and apply.) I explain my issue : My car's main texture doesn't load ? This causes an error in-game : "corrupt game data" (I know that there are some missing textures in the picture : I've tested to reduce the size of my ytd with only the FPIS's textures). Do you have some ideas?

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