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  1. | SHOWTIME |

    Krispy blues FTW!! Your shit always lit bro!
  2. Yup, Update's coming

    Rear facing white lights make me cringe..
  3. In Service

    Knew it.
  4. In Service

    DEV Model it....you won't.
  5. | Georgia Unmarked Charger |

    Those spot lights tho...
  6. | Georgia Unmarked CVPI |

    Nice car man!
  7. Pink

    Needs more special effects
  8. New dude here.

    Welcome to GMC!
  9. like you knew

    Welcome back bro
  10. NYPD JusticeCat in action..


  11. | Few More fixes...|

    Dev boner activated..
  12. [WIP] Dual Color LEDS


  13. I hate asking for shit but does anyone know where I can find or have the high risers for NYPD Highway patrol cars? 

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