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  1. Just Another Thursday...

    From the album GTA V

    Blaine County EMS
  2. GTA V

    Screenshots from GTA V.
  3. From the album GTA V

  4. A Small Agency For A Small Community

    From the album GTA V

  5. Deputies

    From the album GTA V

    Two cruisers from Blaine County Sheriff's Office - Paleto Bay Substation - Caught at a rest stop just outside of the Paleto Forest.
  6. A Day At The Beach

    From the album GTA V

    The mainstream beach photograph. I have to start somewhere now that I haved moved on to GTA V! I'm going to miss IV very much, however the game would no longer work with my new computer so I had to move on. Although it felt a bit sad, I have to say that the looks in GTA V is amazing. I only wished the AI would behave more like in IV, same with the vehicle physcics. Anyhow... I made a small test livery pack based off San Diego Police for a range of vehicles. Shoutout to the YouTube tutorials teaching me how to mod GTA V and hopefully I can release something in the future for V.
  7. You can't park there!

    From the album Crizby's W.I.Ps & Random Pictures

    The watermark really is something!
  8. Crizby's W.I.Ps & Random Pictures

    Just a 'show off room' for my mods :)
  9. The Snow Strikes Back

    Thank you! Inspiration from Princeton, NJ.
  10. The District Lieutenant Is not Impressed

    From the album Crizby's W.I.Ps & Random Pictures

    Alderney City was one city, amongst many who experienced a snow-blizzard throughout Wednesday and Thursday. Multiple accidents kept emergency services throughout the state very busy. One officer also lost control of his vehicle while responding, resulting in the cruiser getting stuck on a sidewalk.
  11. The Snow Strikes Back

    From the album Crizby's W.I.Ps & Random Pictures

    The snow-chaos-filled Wednesday left emergency services throughout the state of New Liberty very busy. Seen in the picture are two Alderney Township Police officers investigating a vehicle crash and the owner of the vehicle, suspected of DUI.

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