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  1. Problem - Tint & Dull Modules

    I can yes, Just give me a moment. I have to make a couple edits to it and when its done, I will send it to you.
  2. Problem - Tint & Dull Modules

    So after giving it a test, the lights appear the same way. And for some reason, it just doesn't work. The lights were made brighter. That could easily been told. However, the dullness still exists.
  3. Problem - Tint & Dull Modules

    Thank you very much! Will give it a try!
  4. Problem - Tint & Dull Modules

    So I am going to get straight to the problem. Whenever I add a front-facing and side-facing lighting modules to any car, no matter what it is (with the exception of the SoundOff Intersector Mirror lights and full interior light-bar lighting), the lights inside the game will tint out and become very dull. For the front-facing modules, they are dull all the time and it doesn't make sense. For the side-facing modules, they shine bright and all that when I look and have my character positioned at a certain angle, but when I move to the front of the vehicle and pass the doors to the passenger and drivers side, they tint out and become dull as well. And before you ask any questions: - They are linked to Emissive maps - They are designated as emissives in the browser - They can be seen through glass and all that (they are just dull and appear to have a tint over them Any fix for this would be appreciative. Here are a couple examples: 3604c0fb6cd40c90025b83f9bdd041cd.mp4 2c4a89fdfc08972413c73a427e9db39c.mp4 05f7d639552523018463f75c011253e7.mp4
  5. SoundOff Signal Products

    I am creating a realistic vehicle pack from my local department. I have no idea how to use 3dsmax, otherwise I would create it myself. However, since I don't, does anyone have the blueprint Control Panel for the Sound Off lighting? It is all I need (as well as the Watch Guard Storage Device for the console and the WatchGuard Panoramic X2) to complete my Ford Explorer Project.

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