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  1. It’s nice to see nothing has changed in the gta community 

    1. Crowbar Jones
    2. TGM


      kids too busy at kickball to even try modding fulltime anymore

  2. that 2014 Ford F350 Superduty Towtruck is very nice and ill love to tow with it good job 


  3. [WIP] Lenco Bearcat

    From the album lenco

  4. lenco

  5. 2017 ford f350

  6. 2017 ford f350

    From the album jasonct203

  7. if anyone needs a free version of zmod3 just say i and a link will be sent to you!

  8. 2016 peterbuilt 389

    From the album jasonct203

  9. kenworth w900 tank haul

  10. kenworth w900 tank haul

    From the album jasonct203


    i think around 60k

    Version 1.0


    9/14/2016 www.gta-mod-center.com Jason/VooDoo MODEL OVERVIEW - NAME: 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility - VERSION: 1.0F - EXTRA PARTS: - OPTIMIZED FOR: police - CREDITS: Jaason/VooDoo/rich (see CREDITS) - MODEL STATUS: Unlocked This model is exclusive to the members here on GMC and is to NOT be given to anyone who is not a member. By downloading, you agree to these terms and the terms below. - THIS MODEL IS RELEASED UNLOCKED TO THE PUBLIC TO ENCOURAGE FUTURE DEVELOPEMENT TO THE COMMUNITY. - MAKE SURE TO READ ADDITIONAL NOTES FOR INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE. CREDITS: - 2015 - Current FPIU Grill modeled by VooDoo - Heavy Edits, Crunching by VooDoo - 2016 Ford Explorer model from Humster3D, Purchased by Soblio, Converted to a 2016 Ford Police Interceptor by JasonCT203, Converted to GTA IV by JasonCT203 and to GTA V by JasonCT203 - 2016-Current Ford Police Interceptor Wheel modeled by VooDoo, Centercap by Jasonct203 converted to GTA V by JasonCT203 - 2013 ford explorer interior from Policefanatic's FPIU, Textures by VooDoo ADDITIONAL NOTES: - DO NOT upload this file unlocked to any other website. Please give Proper credits when using this vehicle in Videos or patrols. Also, Please link the vehicle to GMC for download and DO NOT Upload this to mediafire, Dropbox or any other file sharing site. LINK THE FILE BACK TO WHERE YOU GOT IT FILES INCLUDED - gresley.yft - gresley.ytd - explorer_sign_1.png - explorer window_temp.png - Pictures - Credits.txt READ!!!!!!!!!!! ===============================================ATTENTION================================================= DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MODIFY, RIP, ALTER OR CONVERT THIS MODEL AND/OR TEXURE to ANOTHER GAME WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM ME (Jason/VooDoo) IT IS FORBIDDEN TO ALTER THIS ARCHIVE! FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN PUNISHMENT!BY DOWNLOADING YOU AGREE TO ALL TERMS ========================================================================================================== EVERYTHING BELOW THIS LINE IS COPYRIGHTED BY GMC ===================================================================================================================================================== OVERVIEW TERMS OF USE AND DISTRIBUTION (Below, the term “product” is used to describe the software/modification whose name is listed above.) This product is freeware and may not be exploited for personal, financial or commercial gain. The product is provided without any form of warranty. Therefore, responsibility for any damages caused by this product or its misuse rest solely with the user, as the author(s) will accept no liability. You may NOT redistribute this product unless instructed otherwise.
  13. The all new 2017 ford f350 superduty

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