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  1. Grand Theft Auto V now has it's recent reviews being Overwhelmingly Negative and it's overall rating is now down to Mixed.


    Take2, you done fucked up.

  2. BREAKING NEWS: Reports of a possible suicide explosion at an Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester UK. 20 confirmed dead, 100's injured. Updates to follow as I get more information.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. HDgamerzPC


      Just released by @gmpolice that the total is up to 22. Terrible...

    3. Turpino


      Unfortunately Europe became a dangerous place not only for crime, but also for terrorism. hope for peace in europe

    4. Empire


      I was in Blackpool when it happen and after that day there was allot of cops around.   

  3. Some may find this interesting:


  4. So, my local Police Service just got a Ford Responder Hybrid test vehicle... It seems interesting. Not sure it'll go into service up here tho. Winter would be too rough on it.

  5. I actually went to the OPP HQ in Orillia and took a bunch of pics myself for reference.
  6. No lol. They wouldn't go for it.
  7. The deck lights? Those are just Whelen Dominators. Other lighting is TIR 3's and then the Arjent.
  8. Arjent.
  9. Yeah it wasn't fun making my version either :/
  10. Very nice! The stealth Vics are my second favorite OPP unit.
  11. Textures. Your OPP font is too large and your striping is too small. See below for what I mean.
  12. Not bad, not bad. I'd suggest adjusting the scaling on the sides though. They look mismatched.
  13. Code 3 MX7000
  14. From the album Bravo Modifications 2017

    My schooling is ALMOST done and I have some spare time. So figured i'd get back into GTA IV modding since GTA V just eludes my interest and skill level atm.
  15. Holy!

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