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  1. 2011 All Blue NON ELS CVPI

    From the album BRAVO MODIFICATIONS 2015

    A updated version of my All Blue Non ELS CVPI. This one has the same features with the rambar, but has a different lightbar that is better suited to Non ELS work. http://www.gta-mod-c...blue-2011-cvpi/


  2. Pursuit Rated.

    God dayum. This is what you can do in GTA nowadays???
  3. Pursuit Rated.

    I wish to see that interior plz.
  4. AL Transpo Special Constable Impala

    From the album BRAVO MODIFICATIONS 2015

    This will accompany the Bohan Regional Police Service pack going up shortly. Not 100% completed yet as it still needs an MDT - As do the BRPS cars.


  5. Going to be the bearer of bad news bears. My old laptop with all my files met its untimely demise today. All files I had for my previous work, including some unreleased projects has been lost... Sooo whats GTA V modding like?


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    2. GeorgieMoon


      It's worth a try at least, I don't want to discourage you.

    3. Xandiar


      You cannot try to recover in a computer specialist? Maybe some files could be recovered.

    4. MCpl.Geister


      That truly is sad news, I was looking foreword to some of your WIPs and possible fixes...

  6. 1998 CVPI DROT Jetstream

    From the album BRAVO MODIFICATIONS 2015

    Is this the "proper" vehicle for this lightbar?


  7. Odd Ones Out

    Version 1.0


    Odd Ones Out Pack ================================================================================================= Credits: CVPI - Ford Crown Victoria originally by UBISOFT REFLECTIONS for Driver SF, converted to GTA 4 by F5544 and further modified to its current state by SAMEER. - 3D Interior and Textures by UBISOFT RELECTIONS, Ripped by unknown. Converted to GTA: IV by SAMEER. 3D Seats by SCHAEFFT. Converted to GTA 4 by SAMEER. - Interior and Door Panels Assembly by SAMEER. - Taillight and its Textures by SGT. Kanyo originally found on his 2003 LAPD CVPI (Unlocked Model). - New Template and UV Mapping by SAMEER. - License Plate texture/template by Lt. Caine found in some of his modifications for GTA: SA. - 1998 CVPI Wheels by Bxbugs123? Edited into 2000 hubcaps by BRAVO with parts by CJ24 - Liverys by BRAVO9ACTUAL - Honeycomb Grill made by KevinDV - Misc Lighting by LT Caine, edited by BRAVO into current config - Interior light by Bueno with minor texture edit by BRAVO - Pushbar by F5544 - Whelen Edge by KevinDV, Minor texture edit by BRAVO - Whelen Liberty by PFC Barefoot - Ranger control thing by Shmurda - Spotlight UV-Mapped and converted to GTA IV by JewishBanana - Misc Antenna's by EVI Finally... Here is 4 of the vehicles I could find for Odd Ones Out. Internet is still not fixed, so I went to a Tims to upload it. Hope those who play GTA IV enjoy. Also please note it has been months since i've tested/used these last so any issues please report. - Bravo
  8. :)

    This. I like this.
  9. Traffic Unit

  10. Slowly returning

    Starting light, with some FiveM texturing. Maybe i'll go a bit further soon.
  11. Starting to return

    From the album Slowly returning

    Starting slow, working my way back into things. If it takes off I may get into custom assets again. Time will tell.
  12. Right when I think i'm out, it PULLS ME BACK IN...

  13. Ford Responder Hybrid

    So, Ford has recently announced a new addition to their Law Enforcement fleet with the all new, 2018 Ford Responder Hybrid. Basically, it's a Fusion Sedan with a turbocharged 2L engine. Aside from that, what makes this car interesting is that even though it is a hybrid, it has somehow managed to get a pursuit rating. Somehow. Looks aren't bad either per say and I definitely like it better than the Interceptor Sedan. Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think!
  14. This Pack will be based of O.P.P

    Absolutely Beautiful. Amazing work. Almost makes me want to get back into things myself.
  15. Got word I passed another exam. Last one is booked for September 20th. Once its done I can hopefully get a job and get by computer back -_-

    1. Faracus


      Congratz man, keep it up! We miss you Baevo

  16. So, due to an exam not going well, I no longer have access to my laptop. Or steam or games or any and all gta iv files. Soo at best I can get my stuff back at the end of September...

    Ill have nothing to do but study for my next exam and the rewrite in september. 

    Appologies to all.

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    2. IronicRainbow


      Join the army lmao

    3. TGM


      grounded borov !!! better listen to the parents rules

    4. IronicRainbow


      cucked again heck

  17. From the album Bravo Modifications 2017

    Stealth version of the FPI Sedan. Came out nicely all hiccups considered. Testing on it has yielded no issues so far. The Charger has a minor emissive error on one of the mirror lights and the other vehicles have yet to enter final testing stages.
  18. Bravo Modifications 2017

    My work for 2017. May or may not be released publically.
  19. Having an internet issue at the moment, but I have two more LPP vehicles completed. Additional information will become available after testing has completed.

    1. TGM


      give me my fucking lpp cars

  20. 2017 LPP Charger Enforcer

    From the album Bravo Modifications 2017

    Working on updating LPP 1.9 with newest additions to 2017 fleets. More to come in the near future. - Bravo
  21. Stepping away for a bit. Don't know when i'll be back active in full on the site.

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