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  1. GTA V Screenshots

  2. A friendly reminder to slow your ass down!

    From the album GTA V Screenshots

    a little something i have been working on for a bit. It's not quite done yet but wanted to show off progress. I had to update and remodel a few elements of my Freedom mainly the halogen takedowns. Click here to see the rest of the pictures

    © Code3Customz2016

  3. if voodoo goes MIA we know why. #420Blazeit

  4. Sgt.Kekkles is copying my profile pic. i am butthurt and now i must have it removed...is what i would say if I was Bxborgs321

  5. chevy caprice wip

    jason the ripper at it again guys... xD
  6. Sunrise

    goddamn that is beautiful
  7. This morning an Austin Police Officer was shot in the line of duty. He is recovering now in the Hospital. This shit is getting old fast..... #thinblueline4life

  8. 3D Render Showroom

    looks real nice man! good job
  9. 2011 Crown Victoria P7B Interceptor

    From the album GTA V Screenshots

    Finally have a car i am proud to show off. A huge thanks to EVI for the permission to use his Legend. All that is left to do is add the police equipment. Video

    © Code3Customz2016

  10. You are treating this like a job, which it is not. I do not speak for everyone but I mod just as a hobby. Believe me, I look back at my earlier work and cringe but it is part of maturing as a modder, when you look back at your older work it shows you how far you have come and the skills you have learned. My advice is just chill out. Continue to make mods, Defiantly go celebrate your 21st, and continue doing what you do best. It is not about how good your mods are at the end of the day it is how proud you are to release them. I don't know though, that my opinion I hope it helps!
  11. 2014 Charger

    looks nice!
  12. Whelen LINZ6 SUPERLED

    looking good man. keep it up

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