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  1. 0/10 can't recommend!
  2. Xbox One X

  3. Update! I've been working on this more, and I hope to have a test server online soon so those playing will have time to train with their groups to be an efficient team. I will try to have the training server online as much as possible when I am not hosting a game, live games and training sessions will be passworded, and those who are playing will receive the new password when I update it. I have been experimenting with ACE and I believe that I will be adding it in the final version, so use your training time to familiarize yourselves with it, specially the medical side. I am going to be including use for the Jets DLC, NATO has authorized the use of a single aircraft carrier with 3 F/A 18 Black Wasp's, but there will only be 2 pilot slots so there is one reserve jet. NATO might restock your carrier if you loose one, but too often and they will pull their funding. Current Modlist Ok here is the current list as it stands, these might change as we experiment and see what is working and whats not. ACE Community Base Additions CUP Weapons CUP Units CUP Terrains CUP Core CUP Maps CUP Vehicles Task Force Arrowhead Radio (The relevent TeamSpeak channel will be set to force Push To Talk, this is due to the way open mics work in TFAR) Members must be respectful to others, you are on the same team! You never know when they might have the chance to save you! There is a slight strive for realism here, so tactical orders will get you far! As the Zeus of live games, my objective is to create an enjoyable, realistic and challenging military simulation. The last thing I want is to create something too boring, terrible, easy run and gun. The latest in the story is that Altis has been over run by CSAT members, NATO who's forces are stretched as thin as their budget, has sent a small group to try and reclaim Altis and bring peace to the land once more. The campaign begins with the group in a corner of the map, and they must advance and defend cities and key locations across the map to gain strategic points, or to take out A/A nests to allow friendly jets a safe bombing run on a CSAT stronghold, or to run fire support missions. Current Group positions NATO Command Liason: My role, I will pass information to the Altis Commander about current missions. Altis Commander (Callsign "Frontline"): The Commander must plan missions with the briefing from NATO Command, then brief the Squad Leaders of their tasks Squad Alpha: Leader: Takes commands from the Commander and then works with their squad to achieve given objectives. Rifleman: Grunt Combat Medic: Grunt AT Specialist: Grunt Squad Bravo: Leader Rifleman Combat Medic Autorifleman Squad Charlie: Leader Rifleman Combat Medic Rifleman/Autorifleman Squad Delta: Leader/Sniper Sniper Squad Echo (Based on the USS Freedom): Leader/Pilot Pilot Anyone wishing to claim a role reply with the Squad/Role you wish to claim. First Come First Served!
  4. Going to wait until it's out of alpha stage first?
  5. All new members are put in the group "New Members" these members do not have the ability to upload, currently new members change to members after 5 days.....I think we should switch it to needing a specific amount of posts not days.
  6. Welcome back everyone, who wants a free key for ETS2?

  7. We are back, a little longer than I had hoped, but back none the less. Thank you for being patient and we hope the new server runs much better for everyone! Happy uploading!
  8. Welcome back, sorry for the long downtime, but we are back online and alive!
  9. The forum will be closed for maintenance! Thanks for your patience while we move ourselves in to our new home!
  10. So with our new server almost ready to go we will be starting to transfer the site to its new home, the forum will be offline during this time to prevent any problems with the transfer, and to minimize broken files. We thank you for your patience during this time!
  11. Like ßueno said, look at the error output you are getting, it is looking for .dds files that you have yet to supply. Find those files using the method Bueno showed and you will have no problems.
  12. It, like many of the mods on the server, is in a testing phase. We have added it and are testing it to see how well it works, and how well it is received. It's not perfect and there are problems with it, but for now we have chosen the mixed mode option rather than going full ELS as the default lighting is just as good.
  13. Server is back online, but there seems to be an issue updating, the server may not show up in server browser until our server hoster adds the update to their list, I can't seem to manually update certain files.

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