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  1. Callouts Script

    Updated today, now a total of 71 callouts, Grapeseed and Sandy Shores now requires some enforcement! Go get them Sheriff's!
  2. Callouts Script

    Current Version: Updated: 02/05/2019 A almost complete build is now live, this build is almost done, and is just missing many callouts, and may contain a few bugs. Please report any issues in this thread! Keys On/Off Duty: Next Radio Station (for Keyboard Q) How To Use Using the callouts script is easy, as long as you are On Duty you will receive random callouts, and if another officer requests assistance you will be offered to assist them. Once On Duty just follow the on screen prompts to use the script. During most phases of the callout from responding to suspect in custody pressing Vehicle Duck (X on keyboard), will request backup from any online officers, if no other officers are online then 1 AI backup will be spawned, you are not limited by how many you can spawn, but can only request backup once every 5 seconds. Known Issues Some Callouts may not end properly. Any callouts you have issues with please let me know in this topic! Thanks for helping test and improve this script. Please let me know your thoughts and opinions below!
  3. Callouts Script

    Currently I am focused on the Police RP side of things, but there are plans for future developments for players who choose to live a life of crime, or just as a regular civilian. If you have the Lambada Trainer you can change your ped model to a civilian model and play that way, and players running as a cop can pull you over if they'd like. Also a mention that this script just got updated adding some new callouts, including some in Paleto Bay so sheriff's don't get bored out there, and fixing an issue with a bugged backup spawn location.
  4. Made some updates today mostly updating the FiveReborn section to the new FiveM with the new server IP! I hope to see people online and testing out the server! Visit http://www.gta-mod-center.com/forum/index.php?/forum/76-discussion/ for more details!

  5. Getting Started With FiveM!

    Welcome to this tutorial on how to get, and properly set up FiveM to allow you to connect to our server. Download FiveM First step is downloading FiveM. That is simple, you can get it from: https://fivem.net/ Download the client (FiveM.exe) file to a folder you wish FiveM to install to! DO NOT!!! put the file in your GTA V folder. This must be in it's own folder! Installing FiveM Once your download has completed open the file! The installer will run and download a few files. Close to the end the installer asks you to select the folder that has GTA V in it. For Steam users this will be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V Others will need to locate their install folder, but as you can see it just needs the ROOT folder! Connecting to Servers Once you open FiveM and the game has started, just click on Servers, give the list a few seconds to populate, then click "Host Name" this filters servers by Host Name making searching for servers easier (If you didn't give the list a few seconds to fully populate, filtering the list stops the scan and not all servers might be listed, if you are having problems finding a server then click the Refresh symbol in the top right to refresh the list again). Once you've found your server just click on it to join! Be careful it only takes one click, remember you don't need to click on the list to scroll through it, just use your scroll wheel! You can also directly connect to servers (Great when the master server list is offline due to a FiveM outage). Just click on direct connect and enter the IP:PORT and when the server is found click to connect. You can also press F8 and type in connect ip:port replace ip with the server ip and port with the servers port (default is 30120). That's all there is to it! Have fun!
  6. Getting Started With FiveM!

    Updated to new FiveM!
  7. Pullover Script

    Script has been updated!
  8. Pullover Script

    Current Version: Updated: 11/05/2018 Keys: Due to the way keys are bound in FiveM the begin pullover key is bound to the Sprint key which is default as Left Shift on the keyboard. (A on a controller?) Once you have initiated the stop the script will show you the keys to procede. Instructions: To use the script you must be in a police vehicle and have yourself set to On Duty (Radio Next), when you are on duty you will see a marker arrow showing the scan range to check the target. To initiate a pullover, without turning your sirens on, get the marker on the target car then press Activate (Sprint), this will begin the pullover, you will be shown the licence plate, but a traffic stop has not been initiated yet, this is for RP players to call the licence plate in to dispatch (future project), follow the on screen prompts to either start the traffic stop, or cancel, when you start the traffic stop the car should pullover, follow the on screen prompts to continue with the pullover. Known Issues: None so far Thanks for helping test this script!
  9. Red Dead Redemption 2!!!!

    Not for PC, Don't Care!
  10. Welcome back!

    Welcome back, sorry for the long downtime, but we are back online and alive!
  11. New Staff Members!

    All those interested in Staff positions, your profile is your resume, what have you got to show for it? For Dev Staff, lets see what you can make! Forum Staff need to show that they are active, engaging, and helpful.
  12. Arrests now working after a complete rewrite of the system! Time to start adding more situations for players to respond too! 


  13. We've passed 3,500 members, the surprise is coming, we've just hit a roadblock, but it's almost cleared!

  14. Scripthook is not update

    I personally don't use Scripthook as I don't play V single player, but check http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/ if you've not gotten the file from there, other sites may not have the most recent patch.
  15. Just 11 more new members to reach 3,500! As a reward here is an older video of the surprise, an update video will be released once we hit 3,500.


  16. Just another 33 members then I will post my surprise, I am excited for this!

  17. Once we hit 3,500 members, I'm going to post a surprise!

  18. Almost 3,500 members on this forum! I'm proud of that! Welcome all our new members!

    1. JJDawkins30


      you welcome..lmao


    2. Faracus


      Heck yea man! You're doing a great job with your great content!

  19. Good PC | GTA V

    You'll probably be able to run 60fps @ medium, with reduced performance as you increase, High will probably be below 30fps.
  20. Some new reactions enabled! Perhaps our artist might even create some new ones just for us?

    1. Faracus


      Please note that the "Confused" and "Sad" reactions are neutral, these give no reputation, the new "Haha' gives them a positive reputation.

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